Arranged Marriage: points to keep in mind in the first meeting

Arranged Marriage: points to keep in mind in the first meeting 

arranged marriageArranged marriages are not an easy thing to deal with as the girl and the guy experience their first meeting with one another. Mostly they are left alone for 20 to 30 minutes to converse. It is not just one of them who get anxious but both of them feel the same awkwardness.  If you are experiencing the adrenaline rushing  through before the first meeting with your prospective life partner, keep some points in mind to simplify the process of first meeting.


  1. For this first meeting choose a place wisely. Don’t select any formal place to meet so that you both can open up easily but also choose a peaceful place where you both can spend quality time.


  1. Before going for the first meeting, try to gather some information about the person. May be you can check her/his tweets, Facebook and Linkedin profile without letting the other person know. Make a list (mentally) of what you are going to ask and talk during the meeting.

 arranged marriage

  1. Dress well- simple and elegant and be nice not just for the person but for the family as well. It is very important to look good. Go with the pace and flow and consider the person as a friend so that you can feel relaxed and have a meaningful and stress free conversation and also make a relaxed atmosphere to talk. May be you both can have a walk while talking. It would be very comfortable.


  1. Have an honest heart to heart casual conversation with one another. You cannot judge anyone in the first meeting so you must ask the person about education, work, family and area of interest.


  1. Just be yourself and do not get too personal about anything. Make the opposite person feel comfortable and ease and do not make the other person nervous.


  1. Make the other person feel so contented that he/she will open up to tell the truth.


  1. Do not make the meeting dry and boring and avoid asking too many and irrelevant questions. Do not start taking interview of the other person.


  1. This meeting is often not too long and both the persons have limited time to converse with one another. So have a relevant, small and light conversation.

 arranged marriage

  1. Don’t be rude and judgmental in case you are disagreeing with the thoughts of other person. If you don’t like the other person and planning to reject him or her, do not show this at that point. Let the meeting go in a healthy way.


  1. Do not pretend to be too good. Be honest about you and your likes and dislike. For example, if you are a girl and asked about cooking and if you don’t like to cook or if you don’t know how to cook then you should answer sincerely. Perhaps he can help you.


The first meeting is just an interaction phase on a casual level of an arranged marriage. Two persons meet for the first time and exchange information about each other.  So it should be simple and trouble-free.

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