Ask The Experts: 5 Awesome Socially-Distanced Live Music Options For Your Wedding

Choosing your wedding entertainment can be a daunting task at the best of times, with so much to choose from, so many options and so many different budgets to work with. However Kovid and all the limitations that come with it have brought new challenges when planning a wedding. If you are currently planning a Kovid-friendly wedding, I am taking some first-class entertainment advice for you today from Johnny Wenval of Enny Musicians. Johnny brings years of entertainment experience and is here to help you plan the perfect wedding entertainment for today’s weather. We hope you find their advice helpful.

5 Awesome Socially Distracted Live Music Options For Your Wedding

Ask the Experts: 5 Awesome Social-Distracted Live Music Options for Your Wedding

The traveling hands

Organizing your wedding during lockdown is definitely not a walk in the park. You are trying to make the most pleasing place to keep your guest list, dramatically trimming your guest list, and supplying hand cleansers, keeping in mind government guidelines…
But we are here to make sure that it is possible to find the perfect wedding band for your special day!

At Encore, we have helped thousands of couples match with the right musicians for their day. In this article we want to share with you our top 5 most popular COVID wedding music pics.
The choices we make are designed to work well in a wedding where the number of performers is limited and the performance may need to be excluded.
The good news is, there are a lot of tasks that work well at a safe distance. So you can book them with confidence, knowing that they can still perform whatever the government guidelines are.
Let’s dive in!

Ask the Experts: 5 Awesome Social-Distracted Live Music Options for Your Wedding

String infusion

  • Price: £ 300- £ 600
  • Styles: Pop, Folk, Vintage Cover

A staple for reception and ceremonies for Falky-style weddings, an acoustic duo is perfect for creating a contemporary, rustic vibe. Framed with a vocalist playing an instrument (usually a guitarist), these bands often have huge catalogs of covers to choose from and they often welcome suggestions from the couple, so you can get the playlist right Huh!

Also they are very portable. Do you want to sing them down the aisle? There is no problem. Performance at the reception? They will be there in a flash.

Check out one of our favorite social season duos below for inspiration:

  • Price: £ 600- £ 1000 (3-piece band)
  • Styles: upbeat, folk, jazz, mariachi

Feeling a bit different? Why not book a small live band that can take a walk to keep your guests entertained (at an absolutely safe distance!).

The most popular types of walking bands are:

  • Mariachi Band: Great for an alternative wedding, the mariachi band will brighten your dance with their traditional Mexican music and bright outfits. Usually 3-5 members.
  • Ceilidh Band: They bring folk music from Scotland and Ireland to your event and your guests will be dancing in no time. Ideal for anyone with a Celtic heritage (or anyone who likes to show them off)! Usually 3-5 members.
  • New Orleans Marching Band: Find your guests tapping their feet to the tunes of Tin Pan Ale with some 1920s dixiel swings. These bands are perfect for a traditional English garden party style wedding or vintage gets themed knees. Usually 4-6 members.

Here is Banding the Traveling Hands showing what they can do:

  • Price: £ 150- £ 300
  • Styles: Pop, Jazz, Classical

A pianist is the perfect COVID-friendly option. They are incredibly versatile and play any style of music you want for everything from classical to hip hop. Also they are compact and will not take up too much space – many will also bring amplification with them, so you ask them to up or down the volume depending on the background or ‘foreground’ music.

Here’s Encore pianist Michael Rugt for inspiration:

  • Price: £ 250- £ 350
  • Styles: Classical, Film Music, Jazz and Pop Covers

A veena is the perfect choice for a sophisticated traditional wedding. These huge golden instruments are being looked at, immediately they are quite striking, before they listen to the beautiful music you create.

The means are expensive, so if you are taking your wedding out, they will need to be covered.

Here is Elinor Nicholson playing the harp at a wedding:

  • Price: £ 400- £ 1000
  • Styles: Classical, Film Music, Jazz and Pop Covers

If you have a bit more space in your wedding, a string quartet is a classy COVID-friendly option. First of all, they make their music without using their breath (such as a singer and wind instrument player) – so you can also ask them to mask it. Also, they can expand and shrink in size depending on your guest boundaries. Short on space? Just book a string pair – a violinist and cellist pair that will be able to provide the same performance as a full quad. Don’t have a hard number limit? You can go for a trio, quartet or even more if you can maintain social distance!

Here is our recommended string string showing how to do this:

We really hope you find our recommendations useful!

If you want to get an accurate quote from the available band (anywhere in the UK), just go to (or drop us a call on 020 3111 1480 and one of our booking specialists will be able to help you there) .

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