Be a Design Superstar by Implementing Vintage Style With Vintage Furniture

Vintage-style home design has become increasingly popular in recent years. Your personal vintage style preferences can be easily expressed with the use of some wonderful vintage decorative touches and accessories can be used to really complete the look. Many people turn their interest to vintage style, as it offers the opportunity to be both individual and unique. This article will briefly tell you how to apply vintage style using vintage furniture to become a vintage style superstar! So, stay tuned.

Current trends are not just about what’s going on with traditional interior design styles. Among some of the most popular styles of home design, vintage is often considered the most unique as well as timeless and eternal. Unlike some modern styles, the vintage look is often eclectic and can work in many different types of home with very contemporary interiors with clean lines to more vintage homes with many character features.

Some of the best vintage furnishings can be given a new lease of life by simply cycling or re-vamping in order to create a new look and inject some much needed love into what could have been just an old piece and forgotten. It’s not just about finding an antique piece of furniture to achieve vintage perfection, mixing old and new can also be the right approach. You can combine your new home items with, for example, some vintage industrial furniture to make your home decoration irresistible and really get that New York loft look!

To achieve that much sought after shabby chic vintage style look, it often requires re-animation of old furniture, which can also be a very fun and satisfying thing to do. For example, you may want to revive some old objects from your grandparents and add them to your bedroom. Or perhaps, you might be looking for that much desired special piece of vintage bedroom furniture, such as a dramatic antique canopy bed or a delightful whitewashed French-style dressing table purchased from an online antique store.

You can use your creativity and your style to create your vintage masterpiece! Some recommended elements to help you in your creation would be to customize the piece according to your particular taste, such as adding an original vintage background on the top surface of a desk or coffee table, under a glass plate or repainting a vintage display cabinet with one of Farrow & Ball’s adorable paint color choices, such as ‘Elephants Breath’ or ‘Estate Eggshell’. Once your artwork is complete, you can polish it by adding some delicate decorative accessories, such as an antique silver or perhaps a large vintage vase with a vintage flower arrangement or some delicate antique porcelain ornaments, some of which could have collected during your life.

An industrial look is one of the most unique and trendy styles. A mix of vintage vintage furniture such as a solid wood dining table with hairpin legs painted in different colors or a pallet table against a simple white wall will bring such a wow factor into your home and inject a piece of history and your personality at the same time. Often these objects can be made by finding recycled materials or older furniture, which give the piece a lot of character and charm that is difficult to find in a modern piece.

The possibilities of vintage style are almost endless. You can create such a cozy decor by simply adding a few subtle touches. Vintage furniture can be used to emphasize the decoration of your home without costing the earth anything and it is also very ecological! In addition to that, you can be satisfied knowing that you are following your passions and your style and there will be no other house that will look the same as yours.

No old stuff can be called vintage. There are some qualifications to give an article the deserving “vintage” name. In general, those who are between 30 and 100 years old can be considered vintage and should have some reference to the era in which it was made. This can be from the simple art deco desk to a 1950s dining set. It all depends on your choice of focus. Something more than 100 years old is considered ancient!

Perhaps one of the best tips when considering to implement vintage style using vintage furniture is to keep in mind that it is often better to be consistent with your choice of style and to get away from excessive bulk. It is always a good plan to stay in line with your design and work from a mood board or from an album full of ideas and inspirations. Pinterest is a great place to start and you could create your vintage-style portfolio of ideas to really make your creative juices flow!

The best advice would be to do what’s right, go with your gut feelings and make sure you always enjoy the trip!


by Nicole Riel Piper

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