7 Benefits of Papaya and natural skin care tips

Benefits of Papaya and natural skin care tips

Benefits of Papaya: Papaya, as you all know, is one of the most neglected fruits, which people usually avoid because of its taste.

However, it is sweet, but most people eat and use it only if the doctor recommends it.

Having more of papaya is not only good for the digestive system, but it also acts as an anti-aging, skin repairing and wound healing product.

Usually, it is believed that papaya helps in cleaning the bowel but today I will tell you about its other uses and benefits.

Benefits of papaya
Benefits of Papaya

Use more of papaya not only for health but for the flawless skin as well. Its benefits are-

Heals wound

Heals wound Benefits of Papaya
Benefits of Papaya

Papaya contains papain enzyme that helps in healing wounds.

It keeps the bacteria away and hinders the path of scar from getting a bigger size.

If you suffer any cut or burn then apply papaya on to it immediately.

If you have any wound, then to apply papaya for effective and prompt recovery from it.

Repairs skin

In our daily life, our skin suffers a lot at the hand of smoke, pollution, dust, sunrays, chemicals, etc.

All these can be treated with the help of flavonoids that are present in papaya.

It also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C that helps in skin enhancement.

All the causes of skin damages are rightly treated by papaya. Go more of it both ways: application and eating.


As you all know we possess dead skin and to remove it, we need to exfoliate our skin.

By doing so we get rid of dead skin and new skin breathe life with more freshness and radiance.

The papaya enzyme present in papaya accelerate the shedding of skin and this is its unique way of improving the texture of the skin. It also helps in treating the patchy look of skin.


It moisturizes your skin. A pulp of ripe papaya contains water, fats, and carbohydrates all these things hydrate the skin and provides nutrition to it.

Anti-aging– it helps in modulating the collagen and elastic fibers in the skin. This way it helps in keeping wrinkles at bay.

Lightening of the skin– papaya is an excellent of lightening dark patches and in de tanning. Apart from exfoliation, papaya enzymes foster flawless skin and directly attach the patches on the skin.

Conditioning of hair-When you wash your hair doesn’t forget to apply conditioner to it. This will soften up your hair and provide a smooth appearance to hair. To make an effective hair conditioner, mash a pulp of papaya properly and then apply this pulp on your hair. After 30 minutes, wash it off.

Use papaya n the following way to get its maximum benefits

  1. Face pack-papain enzymes are stored in the pulp of papaya. Use this pulp as a face pack. This enzyme may cause a little bit of irritation. If it irritates your skin, then remove it immediately with water.

  2. Scrub– When you apply a face mask of papaya, then before washing it, use it as a scrub.it will exfoliate the skin and will remove the dead skin present on the skin.

  3. Hair conditioner– Its pulp makes a great hair conditioner. So next time when you need a conditioner for your hair, go for this homemade conditioner.

Apart from this always mix the pulp in the ingredients that suit your skin type. This way you can achieve better results.

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