Berries: their roles and health benefits

Berries: their roles and health benefits

Berries: Only if there was a magic pill to keep healthy, everyone will take it. Everyone wants to remain healthy and have an ideal weight. The good thing is that there are some really good natural items available. These items have a profound impact on our health. There is no need to go to a physician to find a magic pill. You can buy the fresh berries from the nearby grocery store. You can also buy the frozen ones. Here are some of its health benefits.


 What makes berries special?

  • Berries contain phytochemicals in high quantities. These natural nutrients keep the cells from getting damaged. This has been verified by various health and medical experts.
  • All types of berries are good for health. You can eat raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and even blueberries.

They are good for mental health

  • A research was conducted which revealed some startling facts. The mental decline of the women who eat berries regularly was much less as compared to women who did not. Data for thousands of women over the age of 70 was reviewed.
  • The women who had high berry intakes showed deferred cognitive decline. The berries contain anthocyanidins compound, which is somewhat similar to the flavonoid. These compounds are exclusive to the berries.
  • They can easily get past the blood and brain barrier. They then
    locate themselves in the area that is called the memory and learning centre of the brain.

They help with diabetes management

  • Although berries are sweet they are still good for diabetes. Berries are sweet in a different way. They also have lots of fibre and hence really good for the diabetic people. They can be used as a fruit serving.
  • But it is much better to eat the berries whole that drinking the extracted juice. The juice has contained higher levels of sugar. Juice also doesn’t have any fibre.
  • Some nutritional value is retained when berries are eaten in the form of other food items. These food items maybe a muffin or a pie. However, they are the best when eaten fresh. Instead of blueberry pie eat fresh blueberries.

They may help with Parkinson’s disease

  • Studies have shown that two servings of the berries every week can have a profound impact on health. It can reduce the chances of developing this disease by 25%. This is the result which was published in a leading health magazine.
  • It has also been observed that a high intake of flavonoids in men is extremely beneficial. It can reduce the chances of Parkinson’s by 405.
  • Berries can be eaten plain. However, they can be also mixed with other things. Some of the things they can be mixed with are oatmeal, yoghurt, and even salads.

Berries are good for the heart

  • There are people who inherit the heart disease. However, even such people can reduce the risk of heart attack by including berries in their diet. Popular PLos Medicine had published this study.
  • Nearly 2700 people were observed. The correlation between heart attack and diet was established. People from different backgrounds were taken. It was noted that people with fruit rich diet reduced the genetic heart risk considerably.

Weight control with berries

Berries contain lots of liquid and fibre. This is why they give a feeling of fullness. This can have a positive impact on those who want to manage their diet.

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