12 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs

There are many video editing programs available in the market. Many of these programs offer different features, and each program has its own advantages over other. You can find many free video editing programs on the internet that you can use without any restriction or charges. Some of these free programs are also capable of performing complex tasks. But in order to get the best performance out of your video-editing program, it is important that you choose the right program. Here, you could read a simple review of some of the best free video editing software available on the web.

Professional alike

Avid movie fans and professionals alike will vouch for the superiority of Adobe After Effects. This is one of the best free video editing software and is capable of creating professional-quality videos with ease. This powerful software allows you to apply different creative effects and transitions to your video. Moreover, it is also capable of correcting and enhancing your footage even after the video is converted to a different format.


Apple iMovie is another free video editing software available on the web. This powerful software allows you to edit videos in different file formats such as AVI, MPG, MP4, WMA, TIFF, etc. This is a great tool for editing videos in all sorts of formats and allowing you to edit your videos without spending anything at all. This is a good way of saving money on video editing tools and will save you from purchasing expensive video editing tools.


Microsoft Windows Movie Maker is another excellent video editing software that is available on the net. It comes with amazing features such as seamless video transitions, panoramic images, and amazing visual effects. With this powerful Windows Movie Maker, you will never have to worry about spending your money on complex and advanced video effects because the program allows you to do almost everything by just clicking on your mouse. This editing app will definitely make editing your videos a breeze.

Free Video Editing Software
Free Video Editing Software


If you need a professional looking home video editing software, you should try Microsoft Windows Movie Maker. This program is a part of Windows Vista and works great with this operating system. This is one of those exceptional home video editing software that works great with all kinds of cameras and camcorders. It comes with both Mac and PC compatible versions. This will allow you to edit your videos on your Mac with the Windows Movie Maker application while shooting your videos on your PC using the Camcorder.


If you are looking for a professional looking video editing software for freelancers and home users, Adobe Elements is your best bet. The freeware version of Elements is only for personal use. The professional version of Elements will work flawlessly on both Mac and PC platforms. Elements offers amazing tools for creating professional looking videos, ads, web design and more.

Showcase Your Merchandise

Fantastic video editing applications can allow you to showcase your merchandise from each angle by producing specialist promos for programs such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any place else you discuss videos. There are a range of easy-to-use free movie editing programs which could help you stick out from the competitors.

Well-produced merchandise videos really are a more engaging kind of articles marketing than photos alone and will lower a client’s reluctance in making a buy. In reality, according to online book Small Business Trends, e commerce videos may increase conversion rates up to 144 percent.

Below, we have compiled a listing of the very best free movie editing applications from across the internet, in addition to some with cheap paid variants. Every participant has their own particular needs, therefore we’ve run some of the very useful characteristics of each instrument.

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Best free movie editing software for desktop computer

There is a good deal of desktop-based editing applications readily available for businesses looking to generate promotional videos. The largest benefit of all free video editing applications for laptops is they have a tendency to get more features than many cellular video editing programs.

If you are looking to edit your promotional videos in your budget, check out our listing of free video editing applications you can use to edit long-form articles for YouTube, your own e commerce site, or an Assortment of other programs:



HitFilm Express

DaVinci Resolve

VSDC Free Video Editor




Picture Maker 10




  1. Lightworks

The top overall free movie editing applications

The Lightworks includes a straightforward and intuitive interface, so it’s easy to pick up. Lightworks also supplies a group of comprehensive video tutorials, also making it among the very accessible and simple to learn Linux video editing computer software choices on this listing.

Software Lightworks includes a bundle of original inventory videos and audio clips accredited to be used in almost any videos that you edit on your app, letting you provide a polished look for some marketing video.

Characteristics include:

High-quality simple trim works for quick and accurate video editing

Speed optimization, even letting you continue to edit whereas importing fresh content

Multicam editing for syncing pictures from Several cameras

Real-time staff endeavor sharing with Complete control over which a user needs editing access

Easy sharing of movies with rapid export to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and also Instagram

Support for a Wide Selection of formats

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Cost: Free, $24.99 a month for Pro variant

  1. VideoPad

Finest free movie editing software for beginners

VideoPad is an excellent free choice for anybody who would like to make high quality movies without spending a dime. Together with VideoPad, you will find all kinds of easy and easy-to-use attributes –like 3D video editing along with a sound effects libraryto test different movie compositions and fashions.

It’s possible to edit your movies with special effects, overlaystexts, and transition, in addition to colour adjustment and audio results. Subsequently export all of your finished video into YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive, along with other mobile devices efficiently.

The sole drawback is the fact that it could be too easy for complex video editors. It does not include as many innovative features as a number of the additional free movie editing applications on this listing, but with choices to include mild effects, fine song colours, along with overlay text and graphics, there is enough here to make it worth the free download.

Characteristics include:

Double built-in display (you to preview chosen clips, you to preview whole arrangement ) for simple and intuitive editing

Customizable, customizable alterations for glossy arrangement

Exporting presets to quickly create movie documents optimized for specific platforms–like Facebook and YouTube–and then place them directly from within the program

Social networking sharing and publishing programs to share movies online instantly

A Huge library of movie transitions and visual impacts to personalize videos

Video marketing programs, including stabilization

Available for: Mac, Windows

Cost: Free

  1. HitFilm Express

Easy free movie editor with specialist visual tutorials and effects

If you do not have a great deal of experience with video editing, HitFilm Express might feel a small advanced initially –it is used to generate Hollywood-style movies –but it is well worth the learning curve, even since it is among the very best all-in-one free movie editors out there. (HitFilm will request that you talk about a social networking status upgrade when you get into the program, but that is a small cost to cover )

HitFilm includes cartoon programs which allow you to produce and edit sound and video adjustments without needing to make composite photographs, that is a massive time saver if editing.

Characteristics include:

Professional-grade video editing together with motion tracking, color pickers, and cropping tools

Composite shot improvements that Permit You to reestablish two different shots collectively for video effects that are scripted

An auto-stabilizer to Produce shaky footage seem smooth

Infinite audio and video timeline trail creation

A flexible trimmer that lets you easily re-trim your clips later adding them into the timeline

Capability to replicate a bunch of features from 1 clip and use them directly to the next or into an entire endeavor

Sound mixer for fine tuning noise for professional Excellent output

Different transition Alternatives, such as zoom, push, and split

Available for: Mac and Windows

Cost: Free, $349 for your Guru variant

  1. DaVinci Resolve

Top complimentary movie editor for innovative editors

The DaVinci Resolve combines specialist 8K editing, colour correction, visual effects, and sound post-production in a single manufacturing instrument, which explains the reason why it’s the applications of choice for several specialist editors of movies, tv shows, and advertisements.

Software DaVinci enables for the offline and online editing, along with its own high performance playback engine saves time editing and trimming–for processor-intensive document formats such as H.264 along with RAW. DaVinci Resolve’s advanced features could be too broad for many users, however, its totally free version is excellent for more complex projects.

Characteristics include:

Double timeline for quick navigation, cutting, and trimming

A committed trimming interface that Provides you the capability to personalize in minute detail

Intelligent auto-editing which unlocks visual and audio clips to you

Built-in tools such as picture-in-picture impacts, retiming, stabilization, lively zoom, text messaging, and sound

Cosmetic recognition which finds faces in your clips and automatically produces bins Depending on the people in each shot

high movement estimate speed varies and frame rate conversions to readily and realistically accelerate or slow-down clips

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Cost: Free, $269 for your complete Studio variant

Free Video Editing Software
Free Video Editing Software
  1. VSDC Free Video Editor

Finest free movie editing applications for Windows just

VSDC’s desktop computer editing applications can be available as both a free and paid version. Even though the free version has decreased features, it comes with VSDC’s complete video editing package –including a mask instrument and chroma key performance for green-screen movie consequences.

In case you’ve got the capital to spring for the complete edition, the package of tools enlarges to include movie stabilization, powerful post-production impacts, slideshow/presentation capacities, 3D diagram templates, along with lead social networking publishing.

Characteristics include:

Color-correction tools to get a more professional appearance

A Complete package of compounding impacts

Easy-to-use picture filters, like what you would find on Instagram

Mask applications including hiding, blurring, or even highlighting particular components

Social networking for sharing movies Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, along with Vimeo

HEVC/H.265 (an innovative video-compression benchmark ), for maintaining the Maximum quality in minimum file size–crucial for processing 4K and HD documents

Available for: Windows

Cost: Free, $19.99 for Guru variant

  1. OpenShot

The simplest free movie editing applications for intermediate developers

OpenShot’s easy-to-use user interface makes it a very fantastic video editing app for beginners. Even though more complicated tools can offer more editing elements, OpenShot’s intuitive interface and minimal layout are ideal for easy editing.

OpenShot is a highly effective alternative for smaller businesses and is most effective for clip resizing, scaling, trimming, snapping, and turning. Additionally, it supplies credit scrolling, frame stepping, moment mapping, sound editing, and real time preview.

Characteristics include:

Endless layers for watermarks, desktop videos, and sound tracks

Customizable title-card templates

Drag-and-drop performance for easily adding video, sound, or picture files

Digital movie outcomes, including brightness, brightness, gamma, color, greyscale, along with chroma key compositing to get green-screen impacts

Strong key-frame animation capacities for creating animated movies

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Cost: Free

  1. Shotcut

Greatest open- picture manufacturer for audiophiles

Shotcut is a open minded, cross-platform movie editor using a huge group of tutorial movies. Additionally, it supports a broad selection of formats, including FFmpeg, 4K, ProRes, and DNxHD. A warning, however–Shotcut was originally made for Linux, therefore some might find the interface somewhat quirky. Regardless of this, it is nevertheless a top-notch picture editor.

Shotcut also provides comprehensive sound editing alternatives, making it perfect for audiophiles. Its arrangement of fine-tuning music tools enables users to earn bass and treble adjustments, produce bandpass filters, and adjust gain, include compression, plus even more.

Characteristics include:

Support for the latest audio and movie formats through FFmpeg, the leading multimedia framework

Native timeline editing, which allows users to import files straight into their job file as Opposed to a networking library

Multi-format timeline for mixing and matching resolutions and frame levels within a job

Advanced sound filters such as balance, bass and treble, bandpass filters, breaker, and much more

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Cost: Free

  1. Blender

Greatest professional movie editing applications with 3D production suite

Blender video editing is a totally free, open minded 3D creation package. It includes features that will assist simulate and render 3D animations. The computer software is a collaborative development of hundreds of programmers from all over the globe. The massive community of consumers provides Blender’s applications a broad set of applications.

Blender was created as a 3D cartoon suite but includes a practical video editor which needs to be sufficient for many users’ requirements. It may also handle more complicated edits, such as movie masking, making Blender a versatile video editor for the novice and skilled users and a superb alternative for more complex projects which will involve 3D cartoon.

Characteristics include:

Path-tracer engine for realistic rendering of animated items

Advanced rendering procedures to Accelerate the saving and exporting your endeavor

Choice to code match logic into the applications for video game improvement

Advanced character animation applications to get realistic kinematics

Broad library of visual impacts along with vignettes

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Cost: Free

  1. Picture Maker 10

Finest free movie editing applications such as Windows 10

Picture Maker 10 is also a handy video editing program for Windows to people looking to return to fundamentals. It is fantastic for making quick edits to brief video clips that you require ready immediately.

Picture Maker 10 includes a free version which includes its package of picture and video editing programs in addition to the capability to include captions with customizable fonts and colours.

Characteristics include:

Auto-preview instrument for effects and edits

Auto-movie Selections for creating customizable cuts of your own video clips

Cartoon tab to add titles, music, and credits

Available for: Windows

Cost: Free

  1. IMovie

Finest free movie editing applications for YouTube

Popular standby iMovie comes bundled with Mac OS. Like most native Apple programs, iMovie is simple and utilizes an easy drag-and-drop interface for moving files in the driveway to your own workstation. It is a simple way to construct strong videos to enhance your YouTube marketing campaigns.

A large benefit to iMovie is that documents are stored on Apple’s cloud, meaning you could work in your job interchangeably within an iPhone, iPad, or even Mac. IMovie is continually being upgraded too, which means that you may always look forward to new features and improvements.

Characteristics include:

Support for 4K resolution, allowing customers to make cinema-quality movies

Cloud-storage performance Which Allows you to work on the Exact Same job from the iPad, iPhone, also Mac

Dozens of studio-quality name animations such as professional-looking credits

Stylish, modern video filters constructed for specific film genres, like literary and literary

Built-in songs, audio effects, along with voiceover recording so that your audio and image editing are constantly consolidated

Speed controls which Allow You to create caked action scenes quicker and sport highlights slower

Available for: Mac

Cost: Free

  1. Magisto

Best free movie editing applications such as Chrome OS

Magisto, a fantastic online video editor for all Chromebook users, also uses AI to make audio content in minutes. You merely have to do three things: select editing mode, add images, and upload a sound file. Magisto then automatically displays and also makes your movie. Additionally, it makes music tips to coincide with the design and subject of your footage, or you may use your own.

It is particularly helpful for creating videos in scale, like in the event that you begin a YouTube station to your business and need to streamline the production procedure. Furthermore, if you would like to observe how many folks watched your movie, the program has a basic insights dash constructed in. It is a favorite video-editing instrument using over 90 million smartphone consumers and counting.

Characteristics include:

Wide Selection of topics

Decorative recognition, filters, effects, and automobile cropping

Expert auto-editing capability

Capability to share videos across marketing channels

iStock integration to high quality stock pictures

Infinite HD film downloads

Available for: iOS along with Android

Cost: Free. Premium and Professional subscribers begin at $4.99 a month and extend access to a larger selection of editing programs. Magisto’s free program is currently available online, no downloading needed.

  1. WeVideo

The top free movie editing applications online

WeVideo is your very best cloud-based online movie editors for businesses, teachers, pupils, and regular consumers. You are able to get it from anywhere that has internetat home, job, college, etc.. All documents are kept in a safe cloud at which you are able to edit, watch, and discuss videos in minutes.

Together with WeVideo, you may add cool features, such as a green display for professional-grade appearances, without the price or hassle. Additionally, it has more than one million parts of stock websites, from movies to pictures and sound files, all absolutely free once you get a business program. In spite of the free edition, you may easily make videos on social networking, internet, and mobile screens –all with infinite storage without any software or downloads to install.

Characteristics include:

Stock media library together with more than one million pictures, movies, and audio res

Capability to export movies in 4K resolution

Branded templates along with your logo in order to have a unified appearance

Shared job libraries to handle and collaborate with groups

Infinite cloud storage to produce unlimited videos

Loaded editing programs including green screen, animated text, screen recording, and even more

Available for: Chromebook, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

Cost: Free, compensated programs begin at $4.99 a month

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Choosing a professional movie editing program for you

Now you know your choices in finding the finest free movie editing applications, you should begin testing out them. While every choice has its own benefits and pitfalls, you now have a clearer idea of what complimentary video-editing app is most effective for your business.

Videos always are proven to secure more involvement on average over all social networking platforms compared to text or pictures articles. An expert, well-made marketing movie will help to tell a story about your merchandise, conquer the YouTube algorithm, and catch the interest of your viewers, build your brand’s character, and optimize your ROI on compensated societal advertisements.

Take your articles marketing to another level. With numerous free movie editing software alternatives to select from, there is no limit to the innovative capacity of your brand’s marketing movie content.

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Free video editing applications FAQ

What’s video editing program?

Video editing applications identifies tools that assist businesses successfully edit, alter, create, or control a movie or picture file. It’s possible to cut and organize video to give it a much greater flow, eliminate segments, and include effects to enhance the movie. Companies, irrespective of size, may benefit from a fantastic video editor to make strong content.

What video editing applications do YouTubers utilize?

Adobe Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro X Adobe After Effects Lightworks Freemake iMovie Shotcut

What’s the best movie editing program for beginners?

Movavi Video Editor Plus Pinnacle Studio Apple iMovie Lumen5 HitFilm 4 Express Blender Nero Video

What’s the very best free movie editing program for Mac?

iMovie DaVinci Resolve Lightworks OpenShot Video Editor MovieMator

What’s the very best free movie editing program for PC?

Lightworks Movie Maker 10 HitFilm Express Shotcut Openshot

What’s the very best free movie editing software free of watermark?

VSDC OpenShot Lightworks Shotcut DaVinci Resolve

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