Best Home Made Face Packs for Pimples

Best Home Made Face Packs for Pimples


Skin is one such thing that needs the most care. No one loves acne, oil or silly pimples on the face whatever the situation is. Unfortunately we can’t deny its presence, but yes we can definitely get rid of them easily by applying natural and homemade face packs. Here you can find some excellent face packs to heal your pimples.

Face Packs for Pimples
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Aloe Vera Face Pack


Aloe Vera makes your skin cool and refreshing. It keeps your skin away from extra toxins as well. Mix turmeric powder with Aloe Vera extracts and make a paste. Apply evenly to your skin to get a nourished and clean skin.


Fruit Packs


There are a lot of fruits that can be used as a face pack to get rid of pimples and other skin problems. Following are the fruit packs for pimples:


  • Cucumber: take cucumber juice and refrigerate it. Once it is cool, take the cucumber pulp and apply the juice on your face, especially on your pimples with the pulp and let it dry for some time. Wash it with plain water to get a fresh and clean skin.
  • Lemon: Lemon helps you to extract the toxin from your skin. Take multani mitti, mix it with lemon juice and rose water and make a paste. Apply it evenly on your face and let it dry for half an hour. Wash it with cold water.


Turmeric Pack


Turmeric works as an anti-biotic on your skin. Mix turmeric powder with honey and milk. Make a thick paste and apply evenly on your face leaving the lips and eye area. Let it dry for half an hour and wash it with water. It is 100% natural and helps you to get rid of pimples.


Neem Face Pack


Neem face packs can be of two types. Either you can mix it up with Turmeric powder and water or you can simply add lemon juice or water with Neem and make a pack. Apply the face pack evenly on your face to avoid re-appearance of pimples.


Besan Face Backs


Besan with coconut water works best on pimples. Add besan powder in 2 tablespoon coconut water and make a thick paste. Apply it on your pimples and spot the difference.


Mint and Honey paste


Mint leaves or Pudina leaves make your skin nourished and oil free. Though it does not heal your pimples directly but helps you to stop it. Mix Mint with honey and apply it regularly.


Quick guide


Face Packs Ingredients
Aloe Vera Aloe Vera extract & Turmeric
Fruits (cucumber, Lemon) Lemon, Multani mitti
Turmeric Turmeric powder, milk, honey
Neem Neem, lemon juice
Besan Besan, coconut water / curd
Mint Mint leaves, honey


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