24 DIY Summer Wreaths – Best Outdoor Door Wreath Ideas for Summer

Best Outdoor Door Wreath Ideas for Summer: Greet the sunniest season warmly by embellishing your front door with one of these summer wreaths. Most of these DIY ideas pick up on what we love most about the summer months: freshly picked flowers, beach days, tropical daydreams, and bright colors. Some of them even require artificial flowers and succulents so you can leave them in the fall months or the rest of the year if you want.

No matter which wreath you choose, it will brighten your front door, your outside terrace or wherever you want to hang it. An additional bonus: These ideas are easy to implement for everyone. This is perfect if you’re looking for a rainy day boat or budget-friendly activity when the weather gets hot.

Best Outdoor Door Wreath Ideas for Summer
Best Outdoor Door Wreath Ideas for Summer
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And since you’re already going to the craft store (or you know Amazon), browse through these handmade summer decorations to make your veranda or garden the perfect meeting point from June to August.

Bucket wreath made of wood

Fill your wooden bucket with fresh flowers from your garden and turn them off all season. To make sure the flowers really make a statement, fill the bucket with a layer of paper towels covered with floral foam.

Sun hat wreath

Find a floppy hat embroidered with a sunny greeting – for example, “Hello Sunshine” – and then attach artificial flowers that match your door color or front yard. Inexpensive hats from the dollar store work best (for obvious reasons).

Seed packet wreath

Give a retro vibe to the front of your home with this vintage-inspired wreath. To do this, attach 12 to 14 vintage seed packs to a 12-inch foam ring mold using straight pins. Finish with a jute or hemp ribbon and artificial flowers in complementary colors.

Trendy juicy wreath

White hydrangea wreath

Flamingo wreath made of plastic

Cocktail umbrella wreath

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