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December is the peak holiday season and a perfect month to head to the US. No matter where you travel around in America, you will feel the waves of celebration all around in the month of December. The magical aura of the winter season in America in December Will definitely calm your mind and soul, which is why it is the perfect place to travel to fulfill your craving for adventure and nature and at the same time relaxes you from the monotony of life. Redwood forests with snowy peaks, booming beaches with open skies, cities full of luxurious restaurants, America awaits everyone. See what you can find here in the month of December.

Weather in America in December

The USA covers a vast area, so the weather varies according to different regions. If you want to travel to the southern part of the US, then winter is a good time. Average temperatures range from −1 to 24 ° C. However, in colder areas, one is likely to get snow. In addition to Christmas Eve, there is a New Year celebration which is held in New York’s Times Square which witnesses the decorum of this country.

4 Best Places to Visit in the US in December

If you really want to get the most out of your vacation and enjoy it to the fullest in the month of December, then you should check out these places in the USA in December. These awesome places in America welcome you through the streets, Christmas markets, and shop windows with the smell of hot plum cakes! When you plan to travel by group you can get party bus rentals for your San Francisco trip

1. New York City

New york city is the best place


Iconic New York is a captivating city where you can find spectacular architectural tourist attractions. It is one of the top places to visit in the US in December due to its architecture and food and shopping capital. Perhaps, this mind-blowing destination wears many crowns and is a truly awesome tourist destination that can be added to your list of places to visit in the US in December. A city that never sleeps is a cliché that symbolizes New York. Along with live music, karaoke and dance, New York should definitely be on your bucket list. Those who love hockey can also visit Madison Square Garden where ice hockey matches, concerts or basketball games are held.

main attractions: Brooklyn Flea Market, The Bryant Park, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty

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2. Los Angeles

Places to visit near Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a center of the film and American television industry. An ideal location for all film enthusiasts, Universal, Warner Bros., and Paramount Pictures have many behind the scenes tours. In addition, the major TV shows and movies being filmed in Los Angeles are also attractive places to visit.

One of the most famous cities worldwide, Los Angeles is known as the city of dreams and the city of Hollywood. One destination, Hollywood is located in a suburb of downtown Los Angeles. A glamor of silver screen, this tourist destination is a tourist attraction. Disneyland Park is an ideal holiday destination suitable for indulging in various activities that are in sync with the themes of Disneyland.

main attractions: Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Walk of Fame Boulevard

3. Washington DC

Washington DC is good for the place


The capital of the United States, Washington DC is bordered by two states called Virginia and Maryland. The iconic buildings of Washington DC and the three pillars of the Supreme Court, the White House, and the Congress Capitol make this place a must-see destination. The first place to be built in the United States, Washington DC recognizes its importance from its strategic location and historical heritage.

In addition, there are several museums that are located close to Washington. At this place, museums tell about the history of Washington. The best part to note is that there is no entry fee for the museums here. However, the International Detective Museum charges you a small amount.

main attractions: The White House, The Lincoln Memorial, and the National Air and Space Museum

4. San Francisco

San francisco is the best place


Do you remember the movie “The Holiday”? During Christmas, it was a lovely site that was unique, warm and so romantic. Perfect for lovebirds, San Francisco is ranked as one of the largest cities in the world. Ths vibrant city is famous for its dynamic waterfront, cable cars and golden bridge. If you are in San Francisco, the hardest part is deciding where to go first. One of the most iconic sites in the city is the Golden Gate Bridge which is a must see place. Do you know what makes San Francisco’s geography unique? Yes, its top restaurants and sophisticated museum make it suitable for holidaying here. San Francisco is full of history, parks, museums, beaches, parks and a wide choice of entertainment and things.

main attractions: Golden Gate Bridge, Fishermen’s Wharf, Golden Gate Park and Exploratorium

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4 awesome things to do in the US in December

Enjoy the cold winds and snow showers in some parts of the US. But where festive activities are concerned, no month is more fun than December. Listed below are the top pics to do in the US in December.

1. Washington DC Holiday Market: Go Shopping for Christmas Happiness

It's the best place to visit


If you want to enjoy shopping during the winter season, Washington DC has a famous lively market, which is where you should go. You can find amazing Christmas gifts in this market that you can gift to your loved ones for Christmas. Also, eat donuts and other delicious items that are served in this market.

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2. National Menora: See amazing Hanukkah lighting

National Menora Lighting, Washington, DC USA


Christmas is the most spoken festival in Washington DC, while many people are not aware of Hanukkah, the biggest festival celebrated during winter. Menora is a candelabrum with nine branches, the festival initiating light. This wonderful event is organized after a loud music while eating and eating a donut feast.

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3. Las Vegas Ice Rink: Race your friends on the Frozen Stage

Ice skating scene

Heading to Las Vegas for Christmas, so definitely don’t miss out on the ice rink that Cosmopolitan organizes every year during the winter season. The boulevard pool turns into an ice rink made of 4200 square feet of ice that you can slide. Enjoy snow showers during the Christmas season. If you have no plans to skate, you can simply sit at the ice rink as entry is completely free.

4. Disneyland: Meet Your Favorite Disney Character

Disneyland is such a cool place


Disneyland has the least crowds during the winter season, so the best time to visit this awesome destination is in Las Vegas. As you take a walk in the park, you experience a truly magical feeling that makes your holiday fun. Whether it is children or youth, it is an ideal place for people of all age groups. Also, a bunch of welcome features at Disney will definitely overwhelm you.

Time: 8 AM – 10 PM

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Worried about spending a vacation in the US in December 2020? We bet you are! Okay, so don’t just sit around. Now that you know about all the amazing places you can visit and what you can do in this delightful country during the winter season, plan a trip to the USA immediately. And once you return, don’t forget to tell us about your memorable holiday experience!

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Frequently asked questions about America in December

Q. Is December a good time to visit Las Vegas?

a. If you want to experience Christmas vibes, December is the ideal month to travel to Las Vegas.

Q. What to wear in Los Angeles in December?

a. The weather in Los Angeles is quite unpredictable, one day can be hot while the other can be extremely cold. One of the smartest ways is to carry a jeans, a T-shirt or a light sweater or sweatshirt.

Q. What to do in Las Vegas in December?

a. You can indulge in several activities in Las Vegas in December such as ice skating, spa treatments or visiting the National Reserve Gardens.

Q. Does snow fall in Los Angeles in December?

a. Los Angeles has hardly any snowfall during the winter season but areas such as the San Bernardino Mountains and the San Gabriel Mountains receive heavy snowfall.

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