Azerbaijan in December – Best Places To Visit And Things To Do

Azerbaijan in December: Surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is a wonderful country known for its spelled Caspian coast, rich history and cultural traditions. This ‘Land of Fire’ has an ideal amalgamation of Eastern and Western architecture, making it a true delight for tourists from all over the world. Azerbaijan has nine of the eleven climatic zones of the world and each climate is unique in itself. But, the month of December means a lot to its tourists. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast, nature lover, or are looking for a leisure trip, Azerbaijan in December Really a great option for a holiday.

Weather in Azerbaijan in December

December is considered to be one of the best months to visit Azerbaijan, as you can experience the world’s most thrilling winter activities. In the month of December, Azerbaijan is covered with snow as the temperature varies between 3.0 ° C and 8.0 ° C. As seen in previous years, the lowest possible peak is -13 ° C and the highest is 18 ° C. In addition to the Winter Games, you will be able to embrace the festive mood of Christmas.

5 places to visit in Azerbaijan in December

Find out where to go and what to see during your visit to Azerbaijan in the month of December. Make sure your itinerary is designed around these routes for a rich holiday experience.

1. Baku



Baku is located along the Caspian Sea, the capital of Azerbaijan. This beautiful city is a unique fusion of cool modern skyscrapers with LCD screens and old royal walled Ikeri Sehar. Amidst all this, the must-visit place is the Three Flame Towers, which illuminate at night, creating a dazzling scene. These skyscrapers in the city of Baku are superbly carved and flickering like flames. Those who love modern culture can visit the magnificent museums of over 900 artifacts. Apart from this, there is a famous market of cheese and spices called Teej Bazaar in Baku, where you can buy unique spices. Near Baku, there is Yanar Diaz which burns continuously on the hills of the Absheron peninsula on the Caspian Sea.

Ideal for: Sightseeing and photography
Travel tip: Baku is one of the cheapest cities in Azerbaijan

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2. Hemp



After Baku, Ganja is the second largest industrial and cultural city of Azerbaijan. Ganja is one of the most attractive cities in Azerbaijan, with a unique culture, heritage and rich history. To learn about the beauty of Azerbaijan’s traditions and culture, you can be a part of the Novruz festival. The highest sightseeing places of Ganja are ecstatic forests, vineyards, rivers, mountains and panoramic lakes.

Ganja is known for the “bottle house”, a visual delight adorned with around 50,000 glass bottles. Ganja is also home to many unique monuments such as Nizami’s Tomb and Zuma Masjid. Last but not least, do not visit Ganja Bazaar to taste the local food of Azerbaijan.

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3. Shaki



Surrounded by picturesque mountains, Sheki is one of the most interesting and beautiful cities of Azerbaijan. Shakey reflects ancient culture and is home to magnificent architecture and historical sites. Shaki is worthy of your visit, as it is known for its magnificent baklava, artisans, friendly nature and handmade souvenirs.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Sheki Khan’s Palace, a history museum and medieval fort. You can just wander around Shakey and admire the ornamental Persian gardens, stunning murals and stained glasswork.

Travel tip: Take a taxi to reach Shakey easily.
Things to do: horse riding, hammam or public bathing and hiking

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4. Lankaran



Lampran is a magnificent place, situated on the banks of the Caspian Sea. People come to this city due to its old historical places and lush green nature. Lankaran city is famous for many ancient historical monuments. The strategic location was always a plus point in its history.

There are various historical places in Lankaran that attract a large number of tourists. The most popular are Maik, Syed Khalifa’s Tomb, Yuner Bulg (Burning Spring in English), Gisil Ejaz National Reserve and Old Jail and Lighthouse.

Ideal for: photography

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5. Flax

The tree


Khazmaz is not as famous as other cities in Azerbaijan, but does not let you be fooled. Khachamj is the most prestigious city during his visit to Azerbaijan in December. You will be surprised to see some of the unique places and things of Khachamaz. Khachmaz is famous for its luxurious resorts, shopping centers, spas and restaurants.

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6 things to do in Azerbaijan in December

Now that you know about all the fantastic places to see in Azerbaijan, let us proceed to the activities that this destination is famous for.

1. skiing

Located in the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Shahdag is the first and largest ski resort in Azerbaijan. Skiing under the magnificent Caucasus mountain makes you wonder. Shahdag has ski trails for both beginners and professionals. The Shahdag ski resort consists of approximately 14 ski tracks 17 kilometers long, of varying levels of complexity.

You can rent or buy a helmet, ski, snowboard or any other important equipment from the most sophisticated equipment equipped ski shop. With the help of lifts and gondolas, you will be taken up the slope. To make your skiing a magical experience, friendly staff will assist you with professional advice.

Best Hotels to Stay: Zirway Hotel, Gaya Niwas, Shahdag Hotel & Spa, Pic Palace, and Park Chalet

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2. Zip Linings

One of the most daring and heartbreaking activities to be held in Azerbaijan in December is zip lining. If flying through sky-high charismatic mountain valleys is what keeps the thrill alive in you, then the zip lining is what you should strive for. This unprecedented ride begins with safety guidance before climbing the highest slope.

You will travel at a speed of 20-25 km / h and oversee the entire activity. It is easy to see the panoramic view of the stunning snow-capped mountains of Azerbaijan. So, be sure to include zip lining activity for your itinerary.

Tip: Wear something comfortable or the area around your waist and thigh gets injured.

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4. Quad Biking

Quad motorcycling


If you are planning to explore the most enchanting Caucasus Mountains in the world, then quad biking is one of the best adventure sports. Before the engine is kicked off, you will be given a brief instruction about safety rules and how to operate those heavy machines. You are provided with protective helmets to ensure safety.

This adrenaline-fueled quad biking is one of the favorite winter sports among many adventure enthusiasts. It is not surprising that most tourists love quad biking. When you descend on the striking Caucasus mountain on a four-wheeler bike, you will witness the hidden beauty of Azerbaijan.

Tip: If you are a beginner, make sure you choose the right vehicle that suits your level of strength.

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5. Snow Tubing

snow tubing


Snow tubing is one of the easiest and simplest winter activities. It does not require any special equipment and guidance, all you have to do is hold your tube and slide it on the ice. Tubing is an excellent activity to experience the charm of the winter season. Snow tubing is ideal for tourists of all ages. Whether you are going with your family, or with your loved ones, enjoying snow tubing is a completely different experience.

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6. Paragliding

Paragliding through the enchanting mountains of Azerbaijan is a new experience. The Paragliding is done between 30 and 60Km of the Baku-Shemakha Highway in Zakatla, Gusar. The professional staff of the Fly Shahdag Paragliding Team will provide you with safety equipment such as helmets, shoes and gloves to ensure a safe paragliding experience. You will have a certified instructor, who ensures a soft landing at a specific point.

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It is always satisfying when you plan a trip to an overlooked place and it becomes the most memorable. Azerbaijan is a wonderful destination that you will never forget. Plan a trip to Azerbaijan in December and check it out for a truly exciting holiday experience with all your loved ones.

Frequently asked questions about Azerbaijan in December

Q. What is Azerbaijan famous for?

a. Azerbaijan is called ‘The Land of Fire’ which has been burning continuously for 65 years. One of the famous places to see is a naturally burning fire, Yanr Da, a burning mountain.

Q. What to do in Azerbaijan in winter?

a. Skiing, snowmobiling, snow grooming trips, quad biking tours, horse riding, snow tubing, zip lining and paragliding are some of the famous winter activities performed in Azerbaijan.

Q. Is Azerbaijan safe for tourists?

a. Yes, Azerbaijan is safe to travel with your family and friends.

Q. Is Baku cheap or expensive?

a. Baku is very cheap compared to other Azerbaijan cities. To stay in Baku you can spend $ 20 USD including accommodation and food.

Q. Which currency is used in Baku Azerbaijan?

a. Azerbaijani Manat is the currency used throughout the country of Baku and Azerbaijan. The currency code for manats is AZN.

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