Best Rolling TV Stand for Your Office

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Rolling TV Stand is a great video and graphic solution for businesses. They help promote your presentations in conference rooms, trade shows, hotels, meetings and other settings.

Because they are mobile you can take them to different locations, without having to worry about removing the display from the walls. And since most TV rolling stands are height adjustable and can be tilted, you can adjust them to your viewing preference.

Some TV stands come with shelves for storing items like laptops, sound systems and speakers, allowing you to deliver your presentation on wheels. There is a wide range of TV stands in the market. To help you narrow down the list, here are some of our picks for some of the best TV stands.

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VIVO Mobile TV Cart

Vivo Mobile TV Carts For 32-65 Inch Lcd Led Plasma Flat Panel Screen Tv Up To 110 Lbs

top pick: You can use Vivo Mobile TV Cart for 32-65 inch Plasma, LED, LCD, Curved, OLED and Ultra HD TVs. It can support flat panel TV sets of up to 110 pounds. For better display angles, you can tilt the display up to 15 ° and it comes with four locking castors.

This TV stand also has a middle storage shelf with dimensions of 19.5 x 11.5 of which is capable of holding up to 10 pounds. This is enough to accommodate a laptop, receiver and audio / video equipment. Made of steel, it comes in at 29.4 x 13.6 x 7.1 inches, weighs 35.2 pounds and has a three-year warranty.

32 – 65 Inch LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel Screen For TV VIVO Mobile TV Cart Up to 110 lbs, Pro Height Adjustable Roll Black Stand

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23-55 Inch LCD LED 4K Flat Curved Screen Mobile TV Cart With Wheels For TV

runner up: PERLESMITH’s mobile TV stand is compatible with most 23-55-inch LCDs, LED flat screens, and curved TVs. At 30.4 x 12.5 x 4.5 inches, it weighs 24.1 pounds, the display can display up to 55-pounds. The stand has an additional adjustable audio / video tray that can hold 22 pounds. The stand has four rubber caster wheels that allow you to roll it without scratching your floor. You can also lock the wheels to keep the stand stable.

Built with strong steel, this unit can withstand high traffic environments and comes with a built-in wire management solution in the metal column. This allows easy management and hiding of wires and cables behind the stand.

23-55 Inch LCD LED 4K Flat Curved Screen Mobile TV Cart With Wheels For Tv – Height Adjustable Shelf Trolley Floor Stand Holds Up To 55lbs

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Kanto MTM65PL Adjustable Mobile TV Stand

Kanto MTM65PL Height Adjustable Mobile TV Stand

best value: The Kanto’s adjustable stand works with TV sizes ranging from 37 to 65 inches and can support a total weight of 80 pounds. Users can adjust the position of the television from 44.1 to 60.2 inches in height. Telescopic center columns offer 20 inches of height adjustment and include integrated cable management for a clean setup.

The stand weighs 47.3lbs and comes in at 33.3 x 28.2 x 79.9 inches. The middle shelf is also adjustable to store devices weighing up to 10 pounds. The stand has four swiveling wheels that make it easy to move around the floor. The two wheels have locking castors that hold the stand in place.

Kanto MTM65PL height adjustable mobile TV stand with adjustable shelf for 37 inch to 65 inch TV

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ONKRON TS27-71TV Stand

ONKRON Universal Mobile TV Stand

The ONKRON TV stand features a heavy-duty aluminum alloy construction that can support a maximum of 100 pounds. The stand comes with two middle shelves for your luggage each with a load capacity of up to 10 pounds.

Four swivel caster wheels give you easy maneuverability and they come with a locking mechanism to hold the stand securely. The telescopic column lifts your TV screen without any tool and height and can be adjusted from 37.4 to 62.9 inches off the floor in 2-inch increments.

Weighing just 37.2 pounds, it comes at 40.94 x 20.87 x 7.09 inches. The stand has 40 to 75 inch LCD TVs which are both flat and curved. This unit comes with all the hardware you need, including three sets of the most bolts to mount your screen.

ONKRON Universal Mobile TV Stand on Wheels TV Cart on Wheels for 40 ”- 75 Inch Flat Panel Curved LCD LED OLED Screen up to 100 lbs

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Husky TV Mount Stand

Husky Mount Mobile TV Stand with Wheels Heavy Duty Universal Rolling TV Cart

Heavy duty steel construction gives this stand a maximum load capacity of 132 pounds. And you can move it using swivel caster wheels as well as brakes. The poles are 60 inches high and can accommodate most flat screen LED and LCD TVs from 32 to 70 inches. It provides a maximum TV height of 58 inches and you can tilt it for optimum viewing angle to reduce glare.

The lower 19 “X 12” metal shelf can hold up to 25 pounds for media players, notebooks, or other devices. Its height can also be up to 27 inches. What’s more impressive is the manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty.

Husky Mount Mobile TV Stands with Wheels Heavy Duty Universal Rolling TV Cart Fits 32 “- 70” LED LCD TV with Shelf and Mount Max Load 132 Lbs

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5Rcom Cart Rolling TV Stand

5rcom mobile tv cart large rolling tv stand

The 5Rcom Rolling TV Stand supports plasma and LCD flat screens, curved TVs, monitors and sizes from 32 inches to 70 inches. And it can be tilted up and down by 15 degrees for optimal viewing experience.

The car offers a combined weight capacity of 88 pounds for the top and bottom. It provides 5 levels of height adjustment from 51 “” to 67 “”. The lower media component tray shelf is height-adjustable from 9 29 to 29 can and can accommodate other computing and audio-visual equipment. It weighs 28.1 pounds and comes with a five-year warranty.

5Rcom Mobile TV Cart Large Rolling TV Stand With Wheels Height Adjustable Flat Screen / Curved TV Monitors Portable TV Floor Stand With Shelf Display

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YAHEETECH 32 65 inch Mobile TV Cart

YAHEETECH 32 65 inch Mobile TV Cart Universal Flat Screen Rolling TV Stand

YAHEETECH’s TV stand features a sturdy metal frame that protects up to 110-pound TVs for sizes from 32 to 65 inches. The stand weighs 28.5 pounds and has brackets that allow users to tilt the TV set in the range of 13-degree viewing angle. You can adjust the height using a telescopic pole or lift a TV between 43.3 to 63 inches without tools.

The middle storage shelf comes in at 17.9 x 11.6 inches to store everything from laptops to audio-visual equipment. The stand has four wheels that allow you to move around the floor coupled with a locking mechanism to keep the stand in a fixed position. You can use two hollow columns to hide cables and wires for prudent cable management.

YAHEETECH 32 to 65 inch Mobile TV Cart Universal Flat Screen Rolling TV Stand Trolley Console Mount On LCD LCD Plasma with Stand for Flat Panels

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What to watch in a rolling tv stand

  • Compatibility: When you are thinking about investing in a TV stand then make sure that you are considering the type of TV. Find out if the brackets of the TV mount are adjustable and fit your TV. Also, check to make sure that it can also carry the weight of the TV.
  • height adjustable: Most TV stand provide the ability to accommodate viewing heights. This helps provide a suitable viewing height whether you are looking alone or with a group of people.
  • Internal Cable Management Mechanism: An internal cable management mechanism can help you get wires and cables out of the way. By preventing the cable from getting tangled inside the mount’s structure, you can avoid accidents and prevent the cable from getting damaged.
  • Tilt Options: A The tilt feature will help viewers be tense to watch the performance. And it can also prevent glare if there is too much lighting in the room.
  • Extra Shelves: With additional one or two shelves you can keep other items such as laptops, sound systems and speakers. They help store complementary equipment by allowing easy and convenient options. Also, be sure to check if the shelves can be adjusted for added convenience.
  • Artist: Many floor surfaces must be easy to move along with the wheels of the rolling TV stand being strong. And the locking mechanism should be able to hold the entire unit safely once.

Benefits of a Rolling TV Stand

Rolling TV stands help free up space in your office and help you cut costs by sharing performance across departments. Not only do you have a TV display wherever you want, but they come with additional surfaces and storage compartments for computing and multimedia devices. They are ideal for presentations in your office when you are traveling for trade shows and exhibitions.

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