5 Best Romantic Honeymoon Destination for Romantic Couples

Best Romantic Honeymoon Destination for Romantic Couples

Best Romantic Honeymoon Destination: Most of the tropical destinations in the world have a lot in common. Such as seas, beaches, etc. but each island has its own flavour, whether be it shopping, sightseeing and more. After your wedding the last thing that would destress you is your honeymoon.  

A honeymoon is a once in a life time opportunity. It is a time to celebrate your success of marriage with your loved ones. The best of the honeymoon destination near India is Thailand, Malaysia, Bhutan and Srilanka. Other than this there are few more which are in the whole world for the people who love exploring new places style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

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This country is found in the South Pacific Ocean. Nobody knows that this place is made up of 333 islands. One can expect to see the incredible sparkling beaches, marine life and not forgetting the perfect tropical scenic beauty and a lot more than one could not even imagine.

Fiji has a lot of coconut trees, beachside hammocks, sunshine, mouth-watering cocktails- you name it and you will definitely get it. One would need a swimming costume every day while sipping in Pina coladas on the beach!

Fiji Islands and Mamanuca Holiday
Fiji Islands and Mamanuca Holiday

The Fiji islands are a romantic holiday destination. However if one is planning to celebrate its honeymoon in such a place, then it is just a right destination for you.

If one is a beach lover then there are no other places that have beaches like Fiji’s world famous ones. One will have a lot of fun in Fiji as there is a plenty of diving and snorkel sites. So that one can see how life is under water or sea! One best feature of Fiji is that it has a variety of resorts that caters to one’s budget and needs. The best ride in Fiji is scuba diving.


Bali is the most romantic destination as there is a wide variety of scenic beauty. Suck sky reaching mountains, sandy beaches and a lot more that will make one fall in love with its nature.  The honeymoon package offers a lot of activities. Bali is nothing less than a paradise. It’s the largest archipelagic nation in the world which offers a scenic retreat for travellers from across the world. Bali offers a wide platter of different things right from exciting romantic getaways to soothing sceneries, from intimate dinners to adventurous dating option, from relaxing natural spas to an energetic nightlife for different couples.

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This mystical island has famous as well as hidden spots that can work their charm and make your honeymoon extra special. Its lush green tropical landscape and untouched beaches will turn your Bali honeymoon package into a magical journey.


MAURITIUS is rightly called as the PARADISE ISLAND style=”font-weight: 400;”>. The romantic places visited by the newlyweds are really unbelievable. You can just dream how it is going to be during your romantic time on the crystal blue lagoons, coral islets and unspoiled beaches.

Mauritius Paradise Island
Mauritius Paradise Island

During your honeymoon visit don’t miss out on the little village CHAMAREL which is one of the most famous Mauritius attractions. This village is famous for its coloured surfaces with a mixture of purple, yellow, orange and red. It’s also a home to highest waterfall in Mauritius. This trip is popularly known as the visit to SEVEN COLORED EARTH. Mauritius honeymoon is incomplete without a mid-night candle-light date on one of the endless white beaches or a blissful time soaking up in the sun with your partner. Living in Mauritius is all about luxury. This island has some of the best luxury residence for a romantic stay in Mauritius.


It is a destination for those who are looking to pamper their better half with extravagance that is unforgettable.  Enjoy your night in Maldives and wake up at a different island each morning with your love. Imagine lying on the soft white sands with your partner, taking a dip in the azure coloured waters .

Maldives honeymoon
Maldives honeymoon

The intimacy that Maldives provides to the couples makes a Maldives honeymoon different from any other. You can enjoy each ones company without any disturbance especially on your honeymoon.


SEYCHELLES is a rich, exotic and secluded getaway; it is just perfect for a romantic honeymoon of the sandy beaches. It is a quite an expensive destination. Seychelles is an incredible safe paradise for newlywed couples.

Seychelles Paradise
Seychelles Paradise

There is no place in the world that can offer the breath-taking natural beauty, romance opportunities, landscape, rich culture and warmth of Seychelles. While beaches are the most outstanding attractions, there are also other activities to enjoy like scuba diving with your loved ones in the marine park. One can climb up the rocks and enjoy each other’s company on the highest point of the islands as the waves sparkle below.

Best Romantic Honeymoon Destination

Resorts and hotels offer special offer that are strictly for honeymoon couples. You have a choice of indulging in a romantic dinner, spa treatment for couples and hike and water sport organized by your hotel

These private romantic headways offer newlyweds the freedom to enjoy the honeymoon of their fantasies.

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