The best skin care tips right from dermatologists

The best skin care tips right from dermatologists

Now that winter is coming, we bet a lot of people are worried about getting some wrinkles, dry skin and roughness.  It’s true, this is the time you must take more care of your skin. Especially for those people who have sensitive skin. That being said, having a fair and glowing skin is one of the best signs of good health. And this article is going to offer you the best tips for clear skin. Have a look!

best skin care tips

  • Sleep

One of the most important tips to clear skin is getting sound sleep. You have to whatever you can to get at least 7 hours of sound sleep every day. This will make your eye bags look much better. And you will look a lot fresh. Trust me; nothing can beat the result of a good sleep when it comes to best tips for clear skin.

  • Dig on lemons and citrus

If you are looking for a detox for your skin, then the best things are lemons and citrus. There is a major connection with healthy organs and healthy skin. The lemons and citrus contain vitamin C. This vitamin C rich fruits help in keeping body organs healthy and prevent wrinkles. This is one of the best tips for clear skin asap.

  • Massage with your

    Now, this is one of the best feel-good clear face tips. When we say massage, you need to really massage your skin. Not too hard, while using the moisturiser, just rub your skin in a circular motion. Do the same thing while washing your face. This will increase the blood circulation. And additionally, it feels really good.

  • Wearing a sunscreen

Be it winter or summer, you have to protect your skin from the UV rays. To do this, you need to make use of the SPF 15 every day. And if you spend more time outside in the strong sun, you can use the higher versions of SPF. This will prevent any skin wrinkles, skin cancer and sunburn. One pro beauty tips for clear skin: DON’T even think about the tanning bed.

  • Hydrate your skin

This is a major mistake a lot of people tend to do. Drinking a lot of water does not offer a proper skin hydration. You have to hydrate your skin from outside. Thus, you have to use the serums, hydrating mists and creams for proper skin hydration.

  • Avoid hot showers

Vital tips to get clear skin for men: Never ever use hot water to wash your face or your body. It’s too harsh. If it’s too cold to tolerate, and some mildly hot water to make it normal and then use it to wash your face.


  • Applying the sunscreen

What most we do is, apply sunscreen on your face and forget the other areas like neck, chest and hands. Before applying sunscreen to your face, apply them to the other exposed body parts. Because those areas age faster and are harder to improve than face. So the next time remembers these tips for a clear and glowing skin.

  • Dark Chocolate

Yes, we are not kidding here. Chocolates help in improving the skin. Even people have the misconception that Dark Chocolates causes acne. But it’s totally wrong. Dark chocolates release antioxidants that protect your skin. And this is why, if you can eat up small pieces of dark chocolate every day, it’s awesome.

  • Exercise

Skincare is one more reason to take up exercises every day. This will not only burn calories, but it will also deliver oxygen to your skin. For a clear skin, all you need is get your blood flowing. Your skin is going to thank you. You don’t need to do intense exercises. Just do something to bring up the sweat.

  • Have a cup of tea

Enjoy a mug or a cup of hot green tea. You can also get the white tea. Both of these work wonders for your complexion. This is one of the best natural homemade tips for clear skin. It offers hydration to the skin and also helps in anti-ageing.

  • Exfoliate

If you think that you have a dull complexion, the best tips to have clear skin are to exfoliate. Your skin will need a bit of scrub down. You can use the face scrub that comes with round beads. This will remove the dead cells. It also helps in bringing out the inner skin glow. It is advised to keep the exfoliation twice a week.

  • A glass of red wine

Yet other homemade tips for clear skin. The red wine is filled with antioxidants. This helps in keeping your skin healthy and protects against free radicals. This is why; it’s great to sip on a glass of red wine.

  • Almonds

Now, these are completely natural tips for clear skin. Almonds are rich in omega 3 and Vitamin E. These are great in keeping skin cells healthy and fresh.

  • Use honey to cleanse skin

If you are applying makeup on your skin, you will find thousands of cleansers on the market. But the best cleanser for a clear skin is raw and unpasteurized honey on your face. Leave it for a few minutes on your face. And then wash it off. Your skin will reap the benefits of anti-bacterial and powerful cleansing and healing results.

A tabular overview of different skin care tips

SL NOSkincare articles Things to remember
1.Mist MoisturizerMUST use both, because when you mist, you need to moisturise too, or else the skin becomes dry
2.Sponge on SPFAlways applies facial with a sponge
3.Condition with jasmineContains antioxidants
4.Aloe-vera juicePrevents moisture loss
5.Double cleansingIn case you wear a lot of makeup
6.Mix in SunscreenIn case your cream does not have any SPF
7.Pop pomegranate pillsEnhances skin’s sun protection properties
8.Use cooler productsIf you have acne prone skin
9.First thin and then thickFirst use lighter products then heavier formulas

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