Best Tips To Follow For A Pleasant journey

Best Tips To Follow For A Pleasant journey

Pleasant journey: Using a bit of consideration before traveling makes a big difference between a memorable journey and a disastrous one When planning a lengthy or short vacation, be it one’s dream trip around the world or a few days stay in certain locations, preparation is very important. Traveling can allow individuals to visit numerous destinations in a single trip. However, even as one travels, there is need to stay safe, healthy, and within the budget to truly enjoy the experience.

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Below are tips for a successful and astonishing journey:

  1. Picking the best travel dates: Setting off a journey a day before a holiday is not advisable, but flying several days before or on the very day can be a good idea. However, this depends on your means of transport for if one is planning on using a plane, booking a flight for a day before a holiday can be expensive since plane tickets will probably be high. One can choose early morning or late night, especially during weekdays. This is because those are the flights that are usually offered at high discount rates.
  2. Itinerary: It is good to plan an itinerary before leaving. If one is making a long holiday while staying in a few places, it is good to leave a copy of the itinerary with one of the family members back at home. Moreover, planning itinerary prior to traveling enables on manage his/her finances.
  3. Packing: It is good to take into account climate and season in the destinations one is planning to travel to and pack clothes accordingly. To maximize the space, one can use manual clothes compressor, which is usually a plastic bag with nozzles. When one rolls it up with clothes inside, it squeezes the air out leaving more space for other clothes.
  4. Travel insurance: Even as one is traveling, it is good to have travel insurance as anything can happen. With such insurance, one will have a peace of mind in case luggage is lost, miss a flight, or get sick while in a foreign country.

One can get an insurance package that cover a combination of:

    • Flight insurance
    • Evacuation
    • Health insurance


  • Interruption of travel
  • Luggage
  • Flight cancellation
  1. Communication: It is good to have a cell phone when on a journey. However, one needs to consider the charges incurred when using it abroad. It is good to consult the carrier before leaving to consult on the roaming charges. Alternatively, one can purchase pre-paid SIM cards in places where one intends to stay for several days.
  2. Money: It is not good to carry all the money in cash. It is better to make good use of a credit card or debit card, and then carry a small amount of local currency. This way one will minimize the risks of being robbed in a new destination.
  3. Safety: It is good to research on safety issues in the destination that one wishes to travel to this is the best way to stay safe while traveling. It is also good to have a list of your home country’s embassies and consulates in places you wish to travel in case one needs help.
  4. Health: One should get a complete medical checkup prior the journey to be able to identify health issues one should also update his/her vaccination and also consider less common vaccinations such as rabies or typhoid, depending on one’s destinations. For an astonishing journey, one needs to make good plans ahead to avoid last minute rush.

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