Best tools for wallpaper management on your Macbook

Best tools for wallpaper management on your Macbook

Wallpaper management: If you wish to improve your daily productivity, you should organize your workspace correctly and one of the crucially important items which can cheer you up is the wallpaper on the screen of your Mac. Are you tired of the default wallpapers? In this scenario, it is high-time to hunt for a great tool, providing you with a bunch of amazing images.

Wallpaper management
Wallpaper management

In this review, we’ll talk about the best tools developed specifically for the needs of those Mac users who wish to admire the picture on the screen of their computer. What wallpaper tool to choose? Search for the answers below.

Wallpaper Wizard

This app is a top-quality tool, allowing you to make your Mac Book look better. It comprises an awful lot of absolutely different images ranging from traditional urban landscapes to gorgeous beach or mountain views. This wallpaper management tool will help you make your computer brighter.

Its database comprises more than 25 thousand pictures and their collection is growing on an ongoing basis.

Even if you have a huge 4K Retina display, any image you pick up from the app’s collection will look amazing and sharp.

You can also pick up several images which will appear on the screen of your device one after another. To do this, there is no need to enter the settings of the app. You just need to pick up several images you like most of all and browse them in a special folder.

You can find this app and read more detailed information about its range of options here .

Kuvva Wallpapers

This software product is also quite popular amidst Mac users. The key purpose of this utility is to provide users with a weekly selection of bright images. If necessary you can set the app and it will rotate all pictures throughout the day. As a result, you will make your digital life brighter and more attractive.

You can also share some photos via Twitter with other users.

There is also a feature allowing you to skip images you don’t like or pause on a particular photo.

Unsplash Wallpaper App

You can either use their official website in order to pick up your favorite wallpapers or install their application on your computer. This software product updates its database on a rolling basis. Every day, they enlarge their collation by adding 10 new pictures. All of them will look perfect on your full HD Retina display.

You can define the time and the app will be rotating photos every 6 or 12 hours. This app is a highly effective tool which will provide you with a definite set of exclusive images every day.


If your work is related to creativity, you’ll definitely appreciate the collection of wallpapers offered by this software product. Well-known and sophisticated photographers or drone photographers, designers and artists share the results of their work here. This service is an extremely huge database with an awful lot of talented artworks.

Behance wallpaper
Behance wallpaper

Live Desktop

Live Desktop is just another popular Mac tool, offering a wide array of images and animated themes. To start testing its functionality, you need to install the software on your device. As a result, you’ll get a database of different animations which will make the screen of your device brighter.

Even if you are a user of several monitors, you can set absolutely different wallpapers on each of them.

Satellite Eye

This app differs from the above-mentioned ones because it provides you with the wallpapers of the satellite view. Alternatively stated, you’ll see the satellite view of the place where you are located at the moment. Besides, the app also comprises many map styles, allowing you to pick up the one you like most of all. To find your exact position, the app relies on the Location Services of OS X.

If tedious, default wallpapers aren’t a delight for your eye, you should pick up one of the above-mentioned software products and enjoy a new wallpaper every day.

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