Blake Griffin Owns $30-40 Million Worth Of LA Real Estate

Blake Griffin hasn’t played basketball with the Los Angeles Clippers since 2018, but he continued to live in Los Angeles during the offseason, an arrangement he apparently has no plans to change, since Dirt. com reports that he spent over $ 19. million euros on a new 0.65-acre estate in Los Angeles’ Brentwood, with a mansion designed to specifications by Triwest Development.

Since Griffin’s new home was built to specification and never officially went on sale, visual materials and other details on the property are limited. But you can get a really quick glimpse of the house in the Stella Artrois commercial below, which is said to have been filmed there:

Apart from the very brief glimpses of the house in this very brief commercial, building permits as well as aerial images of the property show a ‘negative edge’ style infinity pool at the rear as well as a spa area in the swimming pool. There is also a bit of wood at the back, next to a detached two-story guest house. But these show that a closer examination of the house may have to wait until he films another commercial there or decides to put it up for sale himself.

Griffin spent $ 19.1 million on the property, which is just under half the estimated value of all the Los Angeles real estate he has to his name. He still has the Pacific Palisades startup home that he bought in 2013 for $ 9 million, but he has reportedly been trying to sell it since early 2019 with an asking price of around $ 11 million. Then there’s his other Manhattan Beach farm that he bought that same year for $ 4 million, which is believed to be currently occupied by ex-girlfriend Brynn Cameron. It still hasn’t ended his buying spree in 2019, as he also bought a house in Studio City for $ 2.3 million, where his brother Taylor now lives.

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