Blogmint one of the prominent market for bloggers and brands

Blogmint one of the prominent market for bloggers and brands  

BlogMintNow that you have made it large in the world of blogosphere, it is time for you to make money out of it. It is time for you to develop relations with brands and sell their products through your blogs or YouTube channels. One of the best Ad providers in the world is Google Ad Sense but here we are not talking Ad sense, here we are talking about a completely unique platform, which is amazing and develops a direct relation between a blog and the brand.

What is Blogmint?

Blogmint is an influencer-marketing platform where bloggers and YouTubers can meet potential client and sell their services. This amazing platform brings together brands that are looking for acquiring sponsored blog posts and bloggers who are looking forward to sell their services. It is a perfect marketplace for new and old bloggers.

If you are one of those with a well-established blog then you can monetize and make a lot of money out of your blog. Even if you do not have a well-established blog you can monetize your tweeter account and make some innocuous money out of it.

How Blogmint unites Bloggers and Brands within India?

The BlogMint GiftIndia has a dearth of bloggers and a pool of enterprises seeking opportunities to sell. Bloggers from India will have to create an account on the site using any of their Facebook, Google, Twitter or WordPress account. After creating an account, it is important that the blogger is filling in all the details with great intricacy. The blogger will have to specify the amount he/she will be charging for every blog post, tweet and for every video. Keeping rates higher are going to increase the bounce rate hence it is important that you are specifying rates according to your score.

How Blogmint is separate from Coupon / Gifts promoters?

Blogmint is an influence marketers platform and it performs the act of bringing brand and blogger together. Blogmint is known to introduce potential bloggers to the potential clients. It is not spamming or selling unwanted coupons and gifts here. You get paid for the service you provide; you are not going to avail any kind of coupons or gifts here.

Kindle GiftHow Blogmint Conducts / Organize Brands and Promoters?

Blogmint is a marketplace, bloggers and brands from around the world register themselves here looking for acquisition and selling of services. All you need to do is have an account then you are all set to sell and buy services. Blogmint algorithm sorts bloggers according to the requirements of the brand and presents a viscous result that helps the brand in identifying the right blogger.

What is the Future scope from Blogmint?

Blogmint is one of those platforms that are evolving with the time. In recent past it has launched Sponsored Tweets and Sponsored YouTube videos campaign and this is a sign that the enterprise is moving ahead with the time. The world is waiting for Blogmint to launch Sponsored Facebook and Instagram post services.

The future of Blogmint is very bright; a lot of brands are going to register here and acquire the requisite services while bloggers will make millions of money out of it.

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