Boost worker morale: with a fantastic starter office

Boost worker morale: with a fantastic starter office

You’ve got a successful startup. You’re a suited, booted, high-flying businessperson with a thriving portfolio and profits coming out of the yazoo. But your staff are leaving in their droves. Why? Because you’re not treating them half as well as you treat yourself.

Office space cleaning
Office space cleaning

Without appropriate rewards for your employees, especially in an expanding company, they’ll skedaddle quicker than Mo Farah from a starting line.

That doesn’t mean you have to fork out for endless rewards. Consider where your employees are working, day in and day out, and see how you can improve it in the long run.

This could mean wide scale refurbishment or even just a lick of paint. Either way, your staff will be much happier and less likely to move to another company.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few interior décor tips to keep your valuable employees satisfied with their workplace. Take a look and see what you can afford.

Wash up with luxury

Public washrooms seem to be a dying art form, of sorts. Fewer are maintained by local councils, and the ones that do exist are about as hygienic as a tramp in a bin. Do you really want the same level of cleanliness for your workplace washroom?

Contact a washroom services company to gain the kind of hygiene in your workplace that you could previously only dream of. Various professional providers exist to help you implement the perfect washroom, helping you with products as diverse as hand dryers, sanitising gels, paper towel dispensers or entirely new washrooms.

With poor hygiene, your employees will be more likely to contract illnesses, naturally lowering their productivity. So don’t drag your feet when it comes to upgrading your washrooms.

Desks to be proud of

Your work desk is the place where you’ll be for most of your day. Eventually, you’ll populate it with memento’s and make it a place you can proudly call your own. But just imagine if your office desk sagged under the weight of a picture frame, or was too flimsy to last six months. Your morale would plummet.

Purchase a high-quality desk for every member of your staff and let them decorate it with anything they like. Their morale will be higher and your office will look that little bit nicer.

Personality transplant

Office Cleaning
Office Cleaning

Some offices have about as much charisma as a lobotomised Ed Miliband. And not only do they bore employees to tears, but they’ll make clients reticent to associate with you. After all, if there isn’t a spark of inspiration in your workplace design, what chance does your entire business have?

Inject your own personality into the design of your workplace. It’ll make your staff happier and pique the interest of your clients.

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