Bridge Piercing 101: What You Need to Know

Bridge Piercing 101: What You Need to Know

Surface piercings are fantastic because you can pierce them practically anywhere on the body (as long as there is enough meat). While there are endless surface piercings, bridge piercing has recently risen above the rest of popularity.

Appropriately named, the bridge piercing is placed between the eyes on the bridge of the nose. This seemingly impossible piercing is complete when your piercer pinches the skin on the bridge of your nose and just pierces a needle. The piercing is then filled with either a straight or a curved barbell, depending on the anatomy.

The result? A double look that seems to defy gravity.

Bridge Piercing Bridge Piercing[/caption]

But don’t rush to the piercer chair yet. Before you get this ultra-cool look, there are a few things to consider. Here’s what you need to know about bridge piercing:

It might be a little uncomfortable to get it (but probably not bad)

This piercing, based on the experiences of different people, does not seem to be too high on the pain tolerance scale. Many have noticed only slight complaints with the clamps (pre-pierce) and possible swelling after the piercing was completed.

If you’re prone to swelling, you may feel more uncomfortable than others over the next few days. This is a piercing that swells more than others and can be uncomfortable. (You should also make sure that no important events occur in the days after your piercing, as this may look a little strange.)

The pain is different for everyone, so the experience can be easier or worse for you. The good news is that the process is quick. So if you’re interested in piercing, you can probably handle the few seconds of pain.

Bridge piercing requires trust

Of all piercings on the face, the piercing stands out more than others. Aside from being directly between the eyes, it’s still a new style, and those who are unfamiliar with the piercing world will be curious about it.

Bridge Piercing Bridge Piercing[/caption]

The bridge piercing is a piercing that requires trust.

If you rock your style without worrying about what other people are saying or thinking (good or bad), then you have no problems! However, if you prefer to go unnoticed, consider a more subtle style.

Does it affect your job or employability?

While many types of piercing are becoming more and more acceptable in professional environments, it will be more difficult to convince your boss that the more alternatives you get, the more you get them.

The special thing about bridge piercing is that it is almost impossible to hide. You cannot remove your body jewelry during healing and penetrating brackets are visible. In addition, as a less common piercing choice, you may encounter resistance from even more advanced companies.

Before you get the forehead piercing, speak to your employer or consult someone in the industry you want to join. They’ll let you know if bridge piercing is hindering you, and they may even give you an overview of the types of piercings you can get instead.

How to prepare for bridge piercing

After considering the considerations and deciding that this is the piercing for you, it’s time to prepare for the piercing day.

As with any piercing, there must be preparation. Here are the things you should do before you take the needle.

Bridge Piercing

Bridge Piercing[/caption]

Don’t forget to keep it clean

Bridge piercings can heal between 6 and 12 months (and possibly even longer). The best way to achieve a shorter healing time is to maintain daily aftercare practices. Clean your bridge piercing 2-3 times a day according to your piercer’s instructions.

If you feel that your bridge piercing is completely healed, speak to your piercer before you stop aftercare. The inside could still heal, and you Got to Continuation of aftercare for the all Healing time to avoid complications.

Pain and healing time

Bridge piercing is usually more high on the pressure scale for pins. Depending if your skin feels ill or weak or painful it will likely take 4-6 weeks to heal. The full recovery process must last about 18 months before replacing a piece of ring. When you get cartilage piercings on the back end of an ear and the skin has been removed, the artist told me. A normal recurrence period could take at least a few weeks or 12 weeks, said physician Paul B. Dean from Skin Res & Wellness. MDS. Then it is possible to have the short barbell shaped as required.

Cost of Bridge Piercings

All bridge piercings in New York opted for cost $40,” said an e-book. Be careful about salons with far lower pricing to prove their legitimacy. Dipple says it can be used for $500 with a titanium bracelet. In fact, a few shops will vary from $15 to $40 per piercing in some instances depending where the piercing comes out and it makes no difference whether it’s a $30 o’clock. Jewelry is one of the most volatile prices of the year.


It is important to keep the areas around piercings free from being used for cosmetic retouchers, stains, or any product that might cause skin irritation. Each of these areas on a walkway should receive an easy clean and a clean solution twice a day. All jewelry must remain placed during the healing period under the new rules. The Piercing Company recommends NeilMed Piercing Aftercare for Wound Wash as an option piercer. $15 – $14.95. Ultimately, all damage is to be prevented while the body heals.

Bridge piercing jewelry

Do you need more persuasiveness to get a bridge piercing? Check out our adorable dumbbells that will look awesome between your eyes.

Tell me the best jewelry to wear?

Your pierces should be 14 or 12 grams of your body length. Barbell is the only type used on Bridge Pierce. Usually your Barbell is between 3 to 7” per metric inch depending on your neck circumference. Unlike other types of barbells, this is not known for huge swelling after treatment thereby eliminating additional barbells that are required for longer lengths. It may work only if the strap gets bigger, so always keep jewelry that provides your ideal fit at all times. Try staying safe!

Bridge Piercings

How painful is a bridge piercing?

Normally oblique piercings cannot penetrate bones like that but their bridges actually cannot penetrate a wall. Actually, bridge piercings go across skin on the nose bridge, and its thin surface makes it extremely painful.

Do bridge piercings ever heal?

The bridge piercing usually heals quicker than all-out nose skin and just passes through the skin. Normal healing period usually takes two to three months. Your surface piercing may heal quickly as you get better, but there can definitely not be any reason to think that’ll happen. I think I was right.

Are bridge piercings real?

Bridge pierces or Erls are horizontal columns across your nose. Most people are unsure of how much skin they want to stick and therefore there’s a high potential danger that the jewellery will be lost due to an injury.

Is bridge piercing safe?

Have bridges become vulnerable to injuries and falls? A Bridgepiercing can pose some potential rejections and migrations. Rejection occurs if you expose someone foreign to your body like the piercing, and the body perceives its presence as being harmful and not safe.

How long is a bridge piercing?

Depending of the height of your nose, the surface piercing recommended barbell length may vary in length and thickness. Unlike most piercing styles, bridge piercing doesn’t cause large swelling in aftercare so you don’t have to use an additional long barbell to keep it in place.

How much does a bridge piercings hurt?

There’s a chance your bridge piercing hurt might get a bit painful in that sense. Typically bridge piercings do NOT hurt much but do less hurt than some other piercings like ears piercings as the needle doesn’t penetrate the thinning skin of the nose. Bridge piercings are usually centered throughout the smallest portion of their face, so a thin area must be reached at all.

How long does a bridge piercing take to heal?

The healing process varies according to its extent and to how well you treat these piercings. Keep the piercings in a silent state at a minimum while attempting not to twist nor spin in a way that is excessive. Piercing rotate would be like picking up an insect if they could pierce their face, but that would bring dirt to an invasive piercing causing serious harm.

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