Bucket List Trips worth saving: Bucket List Places

Bucket List Trips worth saving: Bucket List Places

The concept of the Bucket list is gaining popularity day by day across the globe. People have started preparing their bucket list and have headed them to complete whenever possible.

When planning a holiday we are usually most concerned about what we can afford. Therefore we end up visiting destinations that are not necessarily our first choice.

Travelling can be very pricey but so incredible. Sometimes places are expensive just because of the hype that surrounds in with celebrity, travel, and media. Don’t get mesmerized with trendy travel locations. Save up for a trip that will make you check some items off your bucket list and continue to be enriched with valuable life experience.

Bucket List Trips
Bucket List Trips

So what is worth saving for? We have compiled our ultimate list of holiday destinations that are pricey, but worth all the delayed gratification.

French Polynesia:

Ready for the trip of a lifetime? It’s pretty pricey but worth every penny. French Polynesia has many Islands and Islets to offer including Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Tuamotus, and the last but not the least Marquesas. It is known for their uber relaxing spas and stunning black pearls. You’ll be ready to live there permanently by the end of your trip. The best time of the year to travel is between May and September to avoid the rainy season.


An easy flight from Sydney is a great place for a warm friendly vacation. Kids will adore the futuristic Gardens by the Bay. The beaches on Sentosa and trying hand on noodles in China town as well as Universal Studios, the incredible S.E.A Aquarium and the brand new Art Science museum.

Zurich Switzerland

Zurich Switzerland is rated as one of the top choices for solo travellers<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> and all you need to easily feel around the country are good hiking boots and a Swiss Rail Pass. The country capital Zurich is a cool, vibrant, multicultural place with modern cosmopolitan elegance. Something the Swiss manage to pull off perfectly. Whether your dream is to enjoy the beauty of this Swiss city in summer or ski in the Alps in winter, Zurich is the luxurious destination you are looking for.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rio de Janerio Brazil and its endless stretches of beaches, lush countryside and ancient culture have never looked more appealing. Also known as the marvelous city, Rio de Janeiro is a city that is alive with culture and spirituality, from the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema the breathtaking Corcovado Mountain and the epic Rio Carnival that takes place in February/March every year. There are endless possibilities of fun in this paradise city. It’s a destination where one could spend weeks or months before leaving and still not really get the full story.


The tropical paradise is a tourist place favourite for a good reason. It is teeming with natural beauty (cliffs, jungles, active volcanoes) water sports, panoramic hiking trails and heart-stopping views. With multiple islands, there’s no shortage of things to do and see on your bucket list trip. Snorkel with the friendly wildlife into the ocean, learn to surf and hike some risky trails with Jaw-dropping views. Hawaii is truly a traveller’s paradise.


You will definitely want to save up for this amazing destination. It’s everything you hope it to be and so much more. Go to the Blue Lagoon and swim in the bright blue hot springs, then hop in a car and camp anywhere on the island. If you are an adventurous type then this trip is definitely for you. You can visit some incredible geysers that make stunning photos. Last but not the least visits the countless waterfalls that are scattered over this heart-stopping landscape. It is a perfect vacation.


We absolutely adored the temples in Chiang Mai and the laid back beaches of Phuket. Families, in particular, will love the beachfront resorts that Phuket has to offer as well as the natural beauty nearby. The days in Phuket is with a combination of resort relaxing and pool time play and exploring local treasures such as Phang Nga Bay.


This really is a whimsical place for a winter adventure. Many are familiar with Lausanne or Zurich and perhaps have skiing in the Swiss Alps on their bucket lists. If you are looking for an exciting destination that will give you adventure, beautiful views and a fresh perspective on life look no further. The snowy landscapes are famous for cross country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe tours, ice fishing and many other winter sports. Complete the trip with a fairy tale ride in a horse-drawn carriage on a lantern-lit street amidst dancing snowflakes.


Australia is well known for its epic landscape and rigorous trekking terrain. Perhaps home to some of the most sensational national parks in the entire world. The land down under has even more to offer. Take a long trip down under and explore every inch of this incredible country like the hot weather, the world-famous Great Barrier Reef and the 12 Apostle. You’d think that would be enough. But guess what. You can visit Kangaroo Island to see the country’s most popular animal roam freely. The cost is steep but the experience definitely is worth it.


Find your place in the middle of nowhere. With friendly locals and historically rich landscape, this island won’t disappoint. Snorkel, dive and zip line through the island’s stunning surrounding to have an unforgettable experience that you will remember for years to come.


From witnessing the world-famous Northern Lights to Picturesque Fjords, Norway is a beauty all the way. Don’t forget to view the midnight sun and go fishing.

New York City, United States:

There is a saying that goes New York is always a good idea and especially so if you have always wanted to see the sights that have become synonymous with wooden Allen Films, Friends and Sex and the city. But the prestige of the city is that it never sleeps means that it is quite pricey to travel there. So make sure to save for your NYC vacation. Go to the top of the empire state building, visit the statue of liberty and see the pieces at the Museum of Modern Art. Walk over the famous Times Square and ride in a yellow cab.

So with careful planning and saving, you can make sure that your dream destination does not stay a dream. It can be a place on your bucket list that you can tick off.

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