C by GE rolls out new smart bulbs and light strips that don’t need a hub


GE Lighting’s new smart bulbs and light strips are relatively inexpensive new options that support Alexa and Google Assistant Voice Control.

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A new generation of GE Lighting C is sending GE LED smart bulbs to the lighting aisle – and with a built-in Wi-Fi radio each, you won’t need a separate, plug-in hub accessory to control them. From outside your home or pair them with a voice assistant.

Branded as C by GE Direct Connect Smart Lights, the new lineup includes automatic white light bulbs For $ 13 each, White light bulb For $ 18 each, Full color RGB bulb For $ 25 each, And a light-changing palette That costs $ 60. With Wi-Fi, each includes Bluetooth for local control and pairing, and each supports voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant, no additional hubs required. All are available for preorder, with a release date of 15 November.

This is consistent with pricing Other Budget-minded Smart Lights With names like Wyze And Sylvania, Which all cost slightly less than the top brands. For example, at $ 25, GE Lighting’s color-changing Direct Connect bulb costs $ 20 less than a LifeX Color smart bulb, while an 80-inch Direct Connect light strip costs less than $ 20. 80 inch Philips Hue Light Strip Plus.


The new 80-inch C by GE Light Strip costs $ 20 less than a strip of the same size from Philips Hue.

Ge light

That said, our top color-changing value in the smart lighting category is Philips Wiz Connected LED, RGB Wi-Fi bulb that supports hub-free Alexa and Google Assistant Voice Control for $ 13 each. I will update the location after they have had a chance to test the new 9.5 W, 800-lumen C by GE bulbs to see how they compare to that one.

While you don’t need anymore C-Reach Plug-in Hub Or a C by GE Smart Plug For pairing lights with Alexa, you’ll need a C-Reach Hub to connect to Apple HomeKit and control the bulb using the Siri voice command on your iOS device. Other HomeKit-friendly smart bulbs such as the Lifx Color LED and Sylvania Smart Plus LED can connect to Siri without a hub, so these may be better pics for HomeKit homes.

C by GE Smart Lights, meanwhile, should be Solid selection for fans of Google Assistant. GE Lighting is a Made for Google Partner, and you can associate GE with Google Assistant Directly from the Google Home app.

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