How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Cancel Amazon Prime Membership: Amazon prime is thus far the largest services offered by the biggest online retailer Amazon. Now, there are more than 100 million members in Amazon prime membership.

For most of the people, this service is a no-brainer, they are only assuming that they are getting free shipping but there is a lot more in Amazon’s ecosystem.

Cancel Amazon Prime Membership
Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Although most of the people love this Amazon prime service still it’s not for everyone. Even though it gives lots of benefits that will make useful for some people but it isn’t that great for everyone.

Now, in this post, I’ll walk you through the process of how to cancel Amazon prime membership.

But before that,

Let me explain about Amazon prime.

Now, let’s get into this article.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is one of the largest services with more than 100 million numbers. This is a paid service where you have to $119 per year in the USA and if you are an Indian Amazon customer then you should pay rs999 per year.

This Amazon prime gives Amazon shoppers few advantages. All members of the Amazon prime are eligible for the free one or two-day shipping from Amazon on most of the items.

At the start, Amazon prime membership used to be $99 in USA and rs400 in India. However, the popularity of the prime membership increased day by day and so Amazon has increased their rates annually to $119 in USA and rs999 in India.

Usually, most of the people to ask,

“Why they should subscribe to Amazon Prime”.

If you are having that in your mind means let me explain to you some reasons. Then I’ll cover “how to cancel Amazon prime membership” if you want to cancel their service.

Amazon has listed lots of reasons why customers should subscribe to their prime subscription but here I am saying the best points only.

  • By using Amazon prime subscription you can get free two-day shipping in various places throughout your country.
  • If you are in order with prime location means you will get free same day delivery.
  • Prime Pantry is another user access, here Amazon prime members can purchase and ship to their addresses for discount prices. You will get low priced grocery, household and other food items with less delivery fee from the prime pantry.
  • Prime now: In some selected cities you can even get one hour home delivery for thousands of products from your local stores.
  • With a prime subscription, you can get lots of deals and discount coupons.
  • You can even access lightning deals of Amazon thirty minutes before normal users.
  • Prime Video: Prime membership will give you free access to the unlimited streaming of movies and tv episodes.
  • Along with the video, you can even enjoy unlimited prime music from its ad-free music zone.
  • You will have prime photos, lending library option and so on.

Now, we have seen the various uses of Amazon prime subscription. After seeing that you might think should I pick Amazon prime account?

If you are having that question in your mind don’t worry I will cover that as well.

Why should you start or Stop Amazon prime?

Generally, Amazon prime is a useful service which offers Amazon customers lots of benefits. But practically not all users will get benefited from this service. If you are an Amazon customer who always shops regularly on their online store means you will get some benefit from this subscription.

If you are a partial customer who visits Amazon and does online shopping rarely means you will not get benefited from the Amazon prime subscription.

As we are talking about “how to cancel Amazon prime” I have few points on why you should start or stop Amazon prime. If you want more clarity means you can visit Amazon official site.

Now, if you are thinking to cancel your prime membership means just go through the article.

How to cancel Amazon prime membership?

The process of cancelling the Amazon prime membership is simple but it can be little tricky to actually figure out where to cancel prime membership.

Now, if you go through this article means you will get the perfect view on how to cancel Amazon prime membership.

I have divided this part into few steps, follow those steps and you can cancel your Amazon Prime subscription.

Step 1: Firstly, Go to the (global) or else you can visit (Indian Users).

If you are global Amazon users then you can simply visit Now, if you are browsing Amazon from India means you should visit “


Step 2: Login to your Amazon account and hover over to your Account Page.

Step 3: Once you go to your account page – Click on the “your Prime Membership” (you’ll find “your prime membership” in Account & lists option.

Finding “Your Prime Membership” option is tricky part in this process of cancelling Amazon prime. Most of you might think they should click on memberships and subscriptions section on their Amazon account menu.

Your Prime Membership
Your Prime Membership

But you should not do that, firstly you should click on Accounts & lists option on the header and then you should click on “Your Prime Membership” which is basically the 9th option in your account menu.


Step 4:  Once you click on the “Your Prime membership” option, it will take you to the separate page where you will get lots of options.  Now, Have a glance at the left-hand corner where you will find “ END Membership and Benefits” in minute font letters.

END Membership and Benefits
END Membership and Benefits

Step 5: Now, click on those small letters “End Membership and Benefits”.

Step6: After clicking on that option you will go through “Are you Sure” Page.

Are you Sure
Are you Sure

Here in “Are you sure page” you will be asked are you sure you want to end your prime benefits. And you will get three options on that page those three options are 1. Remind me later, 2. End My Benefits, 3. Keep My Benefits.

After you click on the “End Membership and Benefits” make sure you click on the End My benefits option. Don’t click on other two options; if you click on to keep my benefits means you are not going to cancel your Amazon prime account.

So, to cancel Amazon prime account you have to click on “End My Benefits”.

Step 7:  If you are having monthly membership means you may go through the “annual membership page”.  In most of the cases, you will see “stick around and pay an annual subscription instead. Now, click on “Continue to cancel my membership” option to cancel your Amazon prime account. If you want to keep membership means click on keep my membership.

Continue to cancel my membership
Continue to cancel my membership

Step8:  After clicking on that you will have to choose “Get a refund or let run out on its own”. This final page is the most interesting page where it will ask you to choose two options.

The first option is it shows you that date when your Amazon Prime membership will be completed. And in second option you will see “END NOW” option. In that, two options, you have to click on “END NOW”.

If you click that option means you will end your Amazon prime instantly and you will get a refund.

Get a refund or let run out on its own
Get a refund or let run out on its own

Step 9: Finally, you will get your confirmation that Amazon prime cancelled depending upon the two options which is provided in step 8. If you choose “end now” option in eight step means you will get Amazon prime cancelled notification. If you choose other option means you will get your Amazon prime will be cancelled on the ending date.

Now, finally, you have cancelled your Amazon account.


I hope I have clearly explained to you how to cancel Amazon prime membership. If you are having any doubts about cancelling your Amazon prime account means you can ask them in the comments section.

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