Causes for weight gain and or not being able to lose

Causes for weight gain and or not being able to lose

Obesity has always been a common problem with maximum people. It’s all about irregular working hours that leads to lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits. These are the two main fat triggers which results in weight gain. According to a recent study it says that weight gain is mainly a brain game. It’s your brain that plays an important role in fat accumulation. It releases the enzymes that encourage your hunger and motivate you to eat more. It also tempts you to eat more by laying a tempting background around your favorite food. Apart from the brain, there are other culprits too, that trigger weight gain. Go throw these causes that lead to weight gain and then hit the culprit to attain a slimmer and fitter body.

Causes for weight gain
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  • Causes of weight gain in a short period of time– Though gaining weight is a regular and slow process that is negligibly noticeable, but with the passage of time, it gets accumulated in the body giving it a plump look. However, there are other reasons also that trigger weight gain within a week. Watch these culprits-

1) Calories consumed more than calories burned– this is one of the main reasons behind gaining weight within a week. The food consumed may consist of deep fried foods and carbohydrates rich foods like cakes, candy and donuts. With lack of proper workout weight suffers a sudden blow.

2) Smoking– You may be surprised but yes, smoking can be a reason that leads to weight gain. Once you quit smoking your appetite, metabolism returns to normal and coax you to eat more.

3) Preservation of water– Water preserved in the body leads to swelling up of the tissues and sometimes it is due to a surgery, menopause or excessive salt intake. This can also be the major reason of gaining weight at a faster speed.

4) Medicines– Sometimes medicines are also responsible for rapid weight gain. Beta blockers and antidepressant are the two main causes that positively influence your weight.

  • Causes of weight gain in stomach- Sometimes it’s not the complete body that gives a plump look, but weight at the stomach bulges out and makes the entire body look fat. Usually people with unhealthy food habits suffer from this problem. Fats gets accumulated at the stomach and starts affecting the internal organs, check these points to save from excessive weight gain inthe stomach-

  1. Thyroid function– Thyroid hormone directly affects your metabolism and if your thyroid is  off your metabolism will be low and you are likely to gain weight without ensure healthy weight keeps a check on your thyroid.

2) Stress factor– Stress is amongst one of the fat booster that leads to rapid weight increase.this is the major cause of gaining fat around the waistline as the stress  triggers up the adrenal gland.

3) Toxins– Body toxins affects the functioning of the body and results in increased appetite. It also reduces the ability to reduce the fat burning process. Remove toxins from the body if you want to take up weight reduction plea seriously.

4) Pre- diabetes-Insulin is also one of the major causes that impacts weight gain. Improve your physical exercise and starts working on your insulins. It will help you reduce weight at a greater speed

  • Causes of weight gain in males– Apart from females its male as well who are suffering from weight gain problem. Like women, there are various hormones that directly affect the weight gain problem in men. Have a look at those hormones that causes weight increase in males-

  1. Cortisol– It’s the stress and the Cortisol levels that raises the fat level in their body. This hormones stores food in the body for future consumption and its raised level has also resulted in diminishing testosterone and ultimately resulting in lesser physical activities.

2) Thyroid– Like females, thyroid is also one of the reasons that triggers weight in males. Keep a check on it for maintaining healthy weight.

  • Causes of weight gain around middle– Cartisol is the main offender, which boosts fat accumulation and weight gain around the middle. It forces you to go beyond your likings and enhances your food cravings, your body motivates you to eat more. To cover up the loss the body experience while working.

1) Uncontrollable food cravings-When you are stressed, cortisol levels remain high and increases the appetite coaxing body to eat more. It’s in the brain that dominates your hunger and forces you to eat more. Eventually seizing the weight gain problem;

2) Connection between fat and middle area- When your body doesn’t allow you to work hard and as a result fat gets deposited in the belly. Due to post stress appetite you like to eat sugary products thus targeting middle. The main reason for this accumulation lies in the fact that the middle part of the body is close to the liver so that it converts into energy at earliest.

  • Causes of weight gain and fatigue-Adrenal plays an important role in weight increase. It makes the person feel tired and prone to illness. When you get stressed you become prone to poor diet, no workouts, extended working hours and irregular sleeps. Al these are the symptoms of adrenal. All this forces you to eat more as the body transcends wrong message through by letting you get aware of the damaged suffered by the body. The Body has its own way of gaining energy and forcing to eat all those fried and sugary eatables, thus making you appear fatter.
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  • Causes of weight gain in hips and thighs– Hips and thighs are another body part that shot up with fatty deposits. The cellulose deposited at these places often makes a person look fat. It increases because of following reasons-

1)  Age factor- As the person grows, his body starts getting the deposition of fat around because of hormones. Sometimes pregnancy results in obesity.

2)-Sex- Females tends to gain more weight because of their body type and this is due to fat cells.

3) – Adolescent- During Adolescent the female body is tending to gain more weight because of larger fat cell. Eventually the girls gain more weight than boys.

4) – Cellulite- The extra orange peel look that appears on thighs and buttocks gets swelled up and these cellulites cannot be reduced thus leaving never disappearing fat deposits.

  • Causes of weight gain in children-Obese children are at greater risk of grabbing many health problems. There are many reasons that lead to weight gain in children. Some of the common reasons of weight gain amongst them are-

1) Junk food– Kids love to eat junk food. Junk foods are not at all nutritional but only add-on to their weight.

2) Lack of physical exercise– Children these days loves to play indoor games. Indoor games include either mobile games or on the internet. These games do not provide them with the opportunity of physical activities, thus making them obese.

3) Irregular eating habits– children love to eat often. They are least bothered about the nutritional value of the food they eat. Spicy and fried along with ice-creams are some of the common eatables that they love to munch. Thus making them look plump.

  • Causes of weight gain even with exercise– sometimes people’s despite of doing regular exercise are not able to reduce their weight. It may be due to following reasons-

1) Not sufficient workouts– They may be performing the workouts that are not proving beneficial to them. Weight loss cannot be achieved if the proper exercise plan is not followed.

2)  Eating habits– Even eating habits of person are also responsible for weight gains. Eating at odd hours, skipping breakfast, consuming alcohol, drinking carbonated beverages are just some of the bad habits that triggers weight gains.

3) Ignorance – A wishful person who wants to reduce the weight should perform workouts based on 3 different exercises. It should be a combination of stretching, weight lifting and yoga. Due to ignorance they are not following these 3 different ways of reducing weight thus letting them face the problem of not shedding off extra fats even after doing exercises.

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