The chakras are vortices of energies in the subtle body. The etheric body is the very first layer of our aura and is closest to the energy system of our body. Healthy chakras keep our mind, body, and spirit in harmony. A closed chakra caused by an energy blockage, whether emotional or spiritual, will create disharmony, causing an excess or lack of chakras. This induces a state of lethargy and disorientation and eventually leads to physical illnesses.

Let’s Chakra balance and design our house !!

We connect to the universe through our astral body and the chakras that energize us in a reciprocity that envelops us as a whole. Our house is an extension of our energy, so a happy house is a happy you !! Allows to integrate the chakras into our home in a way that we understand and connect.

The root or base chakra is associated with stability and survival and governs the kitchen, the toilet. The kitchen is where we support each other, so a clean, bright and cheerful atmosphere keeps the chakra happy. An antique Indian buffet or a manjoosh carved from old wood works wonderfully as an island where the family accompanies you as they cook their favorite dishes.

Creative Bonus Room Ideas

Grounding wood and earthy colors from the vintage carved barn doors for the pantry, the tree of life nourishes us. Decorate with fresh fruits and flowers, supporting the .This chakra is also where all energy is removed from our body, so the toilet should not have any leaks or problems as it drains energy . The old door console made from antique doors and studded with iron and brass turned into a bathroom cabinet gives the element of grounding. Decorate with broadleaf plants and distressed wood planters.

The sacral chakra is connected to the center of creativity and could be your extra room where you paint or blog. Orange, burnt red, red-haired beaded sari tapestry hanging from an old distressed carved wood mantle gives an aura of creative energy. Accent with sheer saree curtains and pillows and feel the creative juices flowing.

The solar plexus chakra is our personal will, our social connections, and governs our emotions and discipline. The family room and the laundry room are connected to this chakra. Do you feel happy and connected sitting in your family room or isolated? A stunning finely carved vintage ocher yellow cabinet or a distressed yellow wood coffee table will bring new energy. My friend has beautifully decorated her laundry room with an old Indian cabinet that uses it for storing laundry and cleaning supplies, a practical and beautiful statement!

The heart chakra represents love and compassion and I immediately connect it to green plants scattered all over my house. The chamber is the heart chakra area and the seat of divine love. A beautiful antique door makes a wonderful headboard, the door panels hung on either side giving the eclectic touch. Beautiful carved consoles make unique bedside tables and the bedding is soft and charming woven pashmina blankets giving a plush and luxurious feel.

A clear hallway keeps energy flowing from each room to the next and the throat chakra governs communication. Clean the hallways and your workstation or computer areas connect to this chakra. We connect to the world through the Internet, but the electromagnetic charge around us disturbs our energy field. Grounding old door study tables takes this load off and balances us so that we can vocalize in a joyful and concise environment. Carved blue entrance tables and vintage turquoise cabinets also energize this chakra.

The Ajna or third eye chakra is the master chakra which balances all other chakras but is only opened when all others are balanced. With wisdom and intuition and connected to , the Ajna chakra is your sacred space or meditation room where you connect with your inner self. Abundance in all aspects of life is governed by this chakra and purple is the colors that resonate with it. The Yantras and the divine sculptures of Shiva, Ganesha and Durga raise the vibrations of this space.

The crown chakra is our with the universe, the thousand-petalled lotus that surrounds us with its love. The front door in ancient times would be carved with beautiful lotus designs and divine symbols attracting cosmic energies to our home and welcoming all that is good.

Designing with furniture and architectural elements from ancient times gives meaning to our collections and energizes us with its beautiful vibrations.

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