Chanel 2020 shoes, the history of “two tones” and street style outfits

Chanel 2020 shoes, the history of “two-tones” and street style outfits

Two-tone slingbacks, sandals and ankle boots: history, details and street style 2020 outfits of Chanel’s most famous shoes

Coco Chanel when she invented the two-tone shoes, called “two-tones” by the sector operators, she didn’t know that simple beige and black graphics would become a symbol of the French Maison. In any case, since their baptism in 1957, he defines them as “the last touch of elegance”, Aimed at completing all its tweed and jersey suits with extreme practicality.

Chanel 2020 shoes
Chanel 2020 shoes

The model for its versatility subverts the rules of the time: the ladies used to combine the shoe with the dress and the handbag. The two-tone Chanel shoes are born to become one elegant, refined and essentially practical Passepartout, for the different women’s looks “We start the day with a beige and black shoe, we have lunch with a beige and black one, we go to a cocktail always with the beige and black one. It was dressed all day!“.

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The idea was born from an intuition: to translate the two-tone of the male derby into the female accessory. Thus were born the first shoes “Two-tone” by Chanel, a pair of beige and black pumps with a 5cm square heel: a model that refines the foot and slims the figure. Since then they have been the subject of variations and variations: straps, with bows, different heights, and heels of all kinds. The formula was also applied to the models: slingback, Mary Jane, brogues, boots and ankle boots, all these shoes have been proposed in the two-tone key, to remain faithful to the designer’s philosophy.

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