Check out the latest Mehndi Designs 2016 by Tips Clear

Latest Mehndi Designs 2016 Collected by Tips Clear

Latest Mehndi Designs 2016: Starting from the glamorous industry to the dressing style of an individual there has been a Big change.

So, why to stick with the same old Indian mehendi designs? Bring a change and check out the glamorous Indian mehendi designs of 2016.

There are many new and distinctive Mehendi designs available, but only a few are the best ones.

 Top and Latest Indian Mehendi Designs 2016:

The lovable Indian Style:

The Indian style is a traditional style and tops the list from past many years.

The best part of this style is that they have the best and complicated patterns. The familiar Designs used in this style is Batik, Lotus, Flowers, and leaves.

title=”Latest Mehndi Designs 2016″ src=”” alt=”Latest Mehndi Designs 2016″ width=”450″ height=”630″ /> Latest Mehndi Designs 2016

And they give us a traditional look because it covers the entire hand, starting from the finger tip.The fingers have heavy details and there is no much gap.

Indian Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs 2016 latest

In this century, in such modern days, from modern designs move on to some traditional Mehendi Designs which will look beautiful on your hands.

title=”Latest Mehndi Designs 2016″ src=”×200.jpg” alt=”Latest Mehndi Designs 2016″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /> Latest Mehndi Designs 2016


Pakistani Mehndi Style

The Pakistani style had always been the unique style because of its Elegance and the glamour.

title=”Latest Mehndi Designs 2016″ src=”” alt=”Latest Mehndi Designs 2016″ width=”600″ height=”461″ /> Latest Mehndi Designs 2016

Pakistani mehendi is a mixture of both Indian style and Arabic style. So both together, it gives a new level of mehendi design.

title=”Latest Mehndi Designs 2016″ src=”” alt=”Latest Mehndi Designs 2016″ width=”600″ height=”386″ /> Latest Mehndi Designs 2016

It is a symbol of art and culture and many people wear it during heavy occasions like EID. This plays a very important role in the  Festival of happiness.

Pakistani Mehndi Design Eid

Pakistani Mehndi Design Eid

Full hand leafy design

Mostly, many of us like to wear full hand mehendi which give us an artistic feeling. This full hand leafy mehendi will leave you gazing at it.

Full hand leafy design

The intricate leaf patterns, strokes, curves, and other Designs which is crafted so beautifully gives a pleasant appearance to the ones who wears it. Space which is left out actually highlights the beauty.

Leafy flower mehndi design full hand

Peacock Style

As we all know Peacock is India’s national bird because of its rich involvement in Indian Traditions. Indian MEHENDI have also been involved in our tradition past so many years. So if we mix the both it gives us a graceful and appealing look on our hands.

Peacock Style mehandi design

Peacock Style mehandi design

One of the most beautiful and medium Peacock Design looks beautiful and matches for any occasion. Peacock is a beautiful creature.

Peacock’s feather, Long neck, Moon-Like spots are crafted to make the Peacock style mehendi look even more beautiful and bright.

Best peacock mehndi design

Best peacock mehndi design

The Flora Mehendi

Each one of us like to do innovations in mehendi. But, if you are not one of them who wants to bring a change then FLORA MEHENDI DESIGN will always help you and will give your hands fantastic look. It will surely be pleasing to everyone’s eyes.

Flora Mehendi style

Flora Mehendi style

This Flora Design is made up of flowers but in different sizes.

Select your Wedding Designs

This will be very helpful for the beginners and Lovers of flowers. This will be a real art indeed.

The bangle design Indian mehendi

With the festival knocking at our doorstep, I thought to show you something impressive this time.

If you are a fan and always Loved to wear Bangles. Then, this Bangle design mehendi is the one for you.

Bangle MehndiHenna Designs For Girls 2016 2017 Latest Collection

This is becoming famous day by day. This is not only used in traditional functions but is also used by the young aged

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