CIGNA Dental Insurance – An Honest Review

CIGNA dental insurance is available in six different levels of coverage. Depending on what your employer offers, you can choose between a plan that reimburses you for part of your dental costs and an all-inclusive plan that doesn’t even have a deductible. These dental plans are offered in addition to the CIGNA health plans and are currently only available through an employer sponsored plan. To benefit from this benefit, you must contact your human res department to request this type of coverage.

The best plan offered by CIGNA dental insurance is the DHMO plan. With this plan, you choose a dentist from their network of providers and you use them exclusively for your dental work. There are no deductions or annual maximum for services. Most preventive services do not have a co-payer and referrals are not necessary for orthodontic care. You will receive two annual visits and cleanings, x-rays and pediatric dental services at no additional cost. Registrants will also receive a membership in the CIGNA Healthy Rewards program. This program will save members up to 65% on other non-traditional health services such as acupuncture and weight management programs.

CIGNA dental insurance also offers a dental savings plan for those who do not have full dental coverage. The CIGNA Plus savings plan is not insurance coverage but rather a subscription to a savings plan. By providing your membership card to one of the 76,000 dentists registered on the plan, you will benefit from significant discounts on all your dental care. These discounts are pre-negotiated through CIGNA and can save the individual a considerable amount of money over a short period of time. Since this is a savings plan, there are no insurance forms to fill out and no deductible to pay. You also don’t have to worry about pre-existing conditions, frequency of visits, or maximum benefit amount for the year.

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