How to Clean Your Face with Home Remedies

How to Clean Your Face with Home Remedies

You have to watch how you are going to clean off your face. You must clean your face so it will be easier for your face to look beautiful. You can clear out old skin cells that have worn out as well as bacteria that can cause acne and other issues to develop. There are many sensible home solutions that you can use to clean off your face.

Clean Your Face
Clean Your Face


Turmeric is a popular choice for your skin in that it can lighten the skin over time. This is an antiseptic compound that can especially control inflammation.

To prepare turmeric for your skin, you have to mix one tablespoon with pineapple juice. Pineapple juice is needed to create a good base for the turmeric to work in. This can then be applied onto the face and neck. This can be used two to three times a week to restore the skin’s natural building.

Baking Soda

Your skin can be influenced by bacteria that can build up as a result of improperly balanced pH levels. Your pH levels have to be balanced so your skin will stay clean. Baking soda can help you to keep your pH levels in check while reducing inflammation around your skin. Baking soda can also exfoliate your skin to keep it healthy.

To use baking soda, you have to mix one teaspoon with water to create a suitable paste. This can be applied onto clean skin to exfoliate the area. This allows old skin cells to be removed. You can rinse off your face after a few minutes. This is another solution that works about two to three times a week.

Clean Your Face
Clean Your Face


Cucumber has long been associated with being a great facial cleansing solution that you can use at home. It clears out the dead skin cells around your face and also repairs worn out areas around the face. This allows the face to have a more beautiful appearance when used right.

Fresh cucumber is needed to make this work. You must cut it into slices and rub onto your face. This should be left on overnight and then rinsed off with warm water. This can be done nightly to help you feel comfortable and less likely to suffer from breakouts in the future.

Lemon Juice

While the lemon is a unique fruit in its own right, the juice that comes from the lemon can actually be even better for your body than you might expect. You can apply lemon juice onto your skin for twenty minutes and then rinse it off. This can be done each day.

Lemon juice removes the top layers of the skin. This allows the skin to look a little lighter. This creates a brighter and more beautiful look when done right, thus establishing a stronger overall appearance when used right.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can easily be used for a variety of applications in your home. It is often used for cooking but it can work wonders for your face as well. That’s because apple cider vinegar contains enough antioxidants to remove the old oxygen particles that might be stuck around your skin. This in turn restores the beautiful look of your skin to make it feel comfortable and easier to handle.

You can dilute apple cider vinegar with water and then rub it onto your skin. This will clear out old skin cells to help you feel and look younger as you use this over time.

This may also be consumed orally but you have to be cautious with this. You can consume two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water each day. Limit yourself to only one each day to help improve how well the skin is able to respond to it. This, in turn, should make it very easy for you to feel your best.

Clean Your Face
Clean Your Face

Table Salt

Table salt is a rather unique option for you to consider when cleaning out your skin. Table salt is an antibacterial agent that clears out infections, bacteria, and dirt all around your skin.

You will have to rub olive oil onto your skin and then apply the table salt onto your face. This will remove dead skin cells and clean off the surface. This, in turn, gives you a fresh and clear look on your skin when used right.

Olive oil is strongly recommended for when you’re trying to clean off your face. This is to help you get the table salt to move into the skin and clear out its pores. It is easier for the skin to do this when a thicker olive oil solution is added instead of using just water.

The best part about these options for cleaning your face is that you can do them all at home. You might be amazed at how well these solutions can work for when your skin needs to be treated right.


Solution Purpose How to Use
Turmeric Antiseptic Mix with pineapple juice and apply
Baking Soda Controls pH levels Mix with water to create a paste
Cucumber Cleanses the face Slice and apply around face
Lemon Juice Removes the top layers of skin Add onto face for twenty minutes and then rinse off
Apple Cider Vinegar Removes excess oxygen particles Mix with water and rub onto your skin; a few tablespoons may be mixed with water if needed
Table Salt Clears out bacteria Apply onto skin with olive oil


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