Comcast unveils new xFi Pods for faster mesh networking


The new and improved XFI Pods promise to expand the range of their Xfinity home network.


Comcast is offering new, advanced hardware to its Xfinity Internet customers, along with second-gen, range-extending XFII pods that are twice as fast as the previous version. Will work with new pods Existing xFi gateway, With support for speeds up to 500Mbps.

New xFi pods are now available starting at $ 119 each or two packs for $ 199.

“As families spend more time at home and the number of connected devices continues to increase, connectivity throughout the home is more important than ever,” said Dana Strong, president of Xfinity Consumer Services. “In fact, since March 2020, we have seen demand for pods double as families and individuals are retrofitting their homes online, instead of offices, in theaters, doctors’ offices and all those activities outside the home Huh. “

The new xFi pod is now available for $ 119 each, or $ 199 for a two-pack.


Each xFi pod is an AC3000 plug-in range extender, so they do not support Wi-Fi. 6. They are tri-band, however, meaning they can send signals over both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, together with another 5GHz connection they can dedicate to system transmission between the pod and the gateway. That tri-band backhaul approach Generally makes for a more reliable mesh. Each pod includes two Ethernet jacks for direct, wired connections with your gateway or devices.

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