Common Health problems of womens


Problems of womensThere are many health problems which are similar for both men and women but still women suffer many personal health problems which deserve special and immediate attention. In the past decade woman’s life has changed and it has become quite difficult for many women.


Early age pregnancy


They are becoming mothers and wives as soon as they leave their childhood. Multiple and early age pregnancy have risked their lives to great extend. Many women die even before reaching the age of menopause or during her delivery. All these serious health problems calls for a wake-up call for all women folks. It is better to deal with such problems at the earliest, which are showing the signs of any diseases

Woman’s life expectancy


The recent study shows that woman’s life expectancy has increased in the past few years. Which was earlier 50 years is increased to 82 years In America. They are not only living a longer life, but are also enjoying better quality life. In order to enjoy their life they have to notice all those minute changes which their body shows and tackle them smartly in order to gain maximum health benefits.



Let’s start with the common woman’s problem and that is stress. Stress plays a dual role: one of growing and learning and secondly, simply leads to many problems. To look at the positive aspect of stress it releases the commanding order which provokes us to act immediately. If we don’t take action it starts affecting our health. Moreover, prolonged and unmanageable stress damages the most.


Regular exercise and meditation


It is simply a state of mind which can easily be treated with the support of our near and dear ones. Regular exercise and meditation proves beneficial, if practiced regularly. Though there are many medicines available in the market, but they may harm our body and even worsen the situation. So following the natural way of handling stress with the efforts of our loved one is far much better than asking for a pill.



Another very common ailment which the women of today are struggling with is depression. Depression is basically a mood disorder which effects differently on different age group. Most of the people in their life, go through depression at several phases of life. As life is not always the same and easy going. We cannot have everything all the time. Whenever we are not able to fulfil a wish or we are not getting enough as expected we tend to get depressed.

Major depression


Serious problem starts with a major depression. In which most females feel sad, are in an irritable mood, heartbreaking, and is unable to cope up with eating and sleeping habits. If this continues for more than two weeks, then it calls for immediate and prompt action.


Approximately 80% people improve with their depression conditions as soon as they receive proper medication. Doctor may recommend the medicine to treat the symptoms of depression. A good night’s sleep is very effective in consoling the depressed mind. A good continuous talk of her problem may help her come out of her melancholy.

Problems of women 

One sure-shot prescription is tried to spend more time with the women in depression. A medication and the love and care given by the family members will definitely help her come out of this misery. With doctor advice and prescription we can easily pull her out of her depression.


Moreover, motivating her to take part in household activities is another concept of keeping her busy. The more she is busy she will hardly get time to think at the sad part of her life. An outside vacation may help to drag her out from the state of gloominess.

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