A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Your Beauty Salon Online

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Your Beauty Salon Online

Marketing Your Beauty Salon Online: If you have big goals for your beauty salon, you’re going to need marketing to get there.  Getting noticed online is not easy. But it is possible with an understanding of the fundamentals and a lot of elbow grease. Modern online marketing doesn’t involve the tricks and hacks that old-style SEO did. Instead, you’ll need well-developed content. A strategy for becoming part of the conversation. An understanding of where and how to target your potential customers with ads.

Marketing Your Beauty Salon Online
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Fortunately, none of that is as hard as it sounds, as the guide below will explain. By following these steps, you can build a foundation. That will pay off weekly to the point. That you see your beauty salon being featured in Google Maps results and other exciting places.

Step One: Decide on your brand

The first thing you need to do? Decide on a brand you can stand by! Before you move forward with marketing your beauty salon, it’s important that you decide on a personal brand.

If there’s a lot of competition in your area, you need a way to stand out that you can develop into a specialty. For example, you could brand yourself as the most luxurious beauty salon in your city or area. Choosing a brand like that might mean extra steps. Like upgrading to more comfortable furniture or fancier interiors. But it creates an impression that you can stand behind.

There are plenty of other ways you could choose to stand out. You could brand yourself as the most affordable. As the quickest and most convenient, as trustworthy family owners. Or as artists willing to do more daring designs than conventional salons.

Brands are wishes

Remember that your goal is wished fulfillment. Think about what you appreciate most when you get beauty services for yourself. If you can put your finger on what makes a perfect experience for you. You already have the expertise to target it as a brand.

Once you’ve decided on a brand for yourself, you should use it. Use as the basis for all of your future content and advertising. If you try to mix messages, you’re not going to stand out as being amazing at anything. And customers will be more likely to choose a competitor who offers them a more tailored experience.

Step Two: Get your website in show condition

When you start marketing, the main purpose will be to drive more and better visitors to your website. That means that you must start with your website. If you intend any of the work you do in the future to pay off. Decide for yourself how you’re going to take care of the design for the website. You can out it, or do it yourself. Using one of the many free or paid website building tools that are out there.

Web Design
Web Design

Planning content

After you’ve found an attractive look, you need to start planning content. It is often said that “content is king”, and that’s especially true if your website currently doesn’t have more than a basic description with an address and phone number.

Build at least 3-5 pages with more than 1000 words of content. These pages should each be focused narrowly on different topics. For example, your beauty salon may offer services for face, nails, eyelashes and many other areas. You could build out a new page on your website for each one of those services.

One thousand words can seem like a lot, but it’s really not if you’re making sure that you’re giving your readers all the information they need to decide to book with you. If you find that you have trouble reaching that limit, try to get ahead of visitor questions by adding a Frequently Asked Questions section. You can answer all of the questions you get most often, or search Google to find out what people are asking about other beauty salons and services.

How it makes a difference

How does this play into your marketing? There are several ways. Most importantly, websites that have more content will benefit more from what is called organic growth. This is an improvement in search engine rankings that come from the age and quality of your website instead of just the traffic produced by ads. Creating good content will put your business in front of more eyes in a direct way.

Step Three: Fill out your social pages

We’re still in the free steps of marketing your beauty salon online! By hitching onto the massive authority of sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you can get your name out there and draw more attention that you could with months of work on your website.

Social Pages
Social Pages Image by Pixabay.com

If you’ve only built out a profile on one or two sites, you’ll need to upgrade your game for this next step. Start building profiles on each of the biggest social media platforms where your users can be found. Do the same for large directories where you can leave business information and respond to reviews, such as Google Maps and Yelp!

Develop the first round of social content

As soon as you’re finished building out the new profiles, it’s time to start developing content that can put you on the path to growth. Try to develop a small set of content that you can post to all of your social profiles. An exciting promotion, some impressive before/after images or a spicy opinion can make for good social content. It’s harder than that to find out what your audience likes, though.

If you don’t have a great budget or schedule for creating good content, you can do alright for your followers by being a great curator instead. Hunt for content on other successful social accounts in your industry, and pluck out the best ones to on your own pages. Your taste alone can be valuable to your audience, and you can feel confident about having that taste because of your experience with beauty products and services!

Step Four: Advertise to local customers with targeted ads

Now that you have your website and your social media profiles handled, you can start to think about a more professional style of marketing by way of paid ads. You can still do this yourself if you have writing and graphic talents. After all, most modern ad networks like Facebook include a lot of helpful tools for beginners to plan, build and test different ads.

Local Marketing Benefits
Local Marketing Benefits

Targeting your audience online

Just as important as your message, however, is your targeting. Even the simplest ads can attract clicks if they’re easy on the eyes and have a clear message. Targeting the right customers tends to be a much bigger challenge than design. Here are the principles you can use to make sure that you have the best shot at putting your ads in front of the right people.

Use geographic tools to target your region. Targeting a massive region may sound like good business sense, but it’s not. The further you get from the area where customers can conveniently drive to you, the more ad dollars you’re going to spend on people who aren’t likely to ever set an appointment. Make your ads the most efficient as possible by targeting a reasonable service area.

Think about the demographics of your clientele. Facebook Ads give you a lot of options to find people based on demographic information like age, gender, relationship status and education. Trying to attract new demographics is great for later in the process, but for now you should focus on the type of people you already appeal to.

Think about intention. Try to target customers who are in the best place to buy. For example, with beauty services, you’re less likely to get responses if you’re targeting people with really active outdoor lives because beauty work can make it hard for them to enjoy their hobbies. An example of a great target for beauty services would be people who are active in nightlife and formal events. These people are more likely to have a regular and recurring interest in beauty salons and the services they offer.

Keep updating with fresh content to keep growing

If you’ve finished each part of this guide, you have a powerful foundation for your future marketing endeavors. You should see some pretty big boosts just from updating your content and social pages within a few months. If you want to keep the growth going after that, it’s a simple matter of keeping up with the steps you’ve already been taking.

Content Writing
Content Writing

Keep posting fresh content to your website. If you don’t need to build out any more pages, you can add a blog section to provide your visitors with valuable news and opinions on a weekly basis. Make sure that you remain active on each of the social profiles that you build out as part of the guide. Even with only a day of work a week, you can powerfully market your beauty salon!

This is a guest post, courtesy of Adam Steele, the founder of Loganix, a popular SEO fulfillment company located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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