Points to consider when selecting OTC Pain relief cream

Points to consider when selecting OTC Pain relief cream

Pain relief cream: For anyone pain can be most unbearable symptoms to cure. There can be many causes for body pain. Including inflammation, pressure or even simple cold. You can find many over the counter medications to treat pain.

Pain relief cream

Before you buy any medication it is important for you to understand the kind of pain you are suffering from. You have to look around for symptoms and then decide the right medication.


In this article and get familiar with some common causes of pain. And best OTC medication available for treatment. One of the best OTC available is moov pain relief cream that is available in any medical store.


Curing Migraines and common headaches

The main cause of migraine headache is still not known. But this condition can be unbearable for anyone. Medical professionals state that chemical activities can trigger migraine pain. Apart from this, clogged blood vessel in the brain area can also be common cause for this condition.


In few cases the pain may be severe and there may be many causes for this condition. The fact is that migraine is one of the most common causes of headaches. Our life style may also lead to this condition. Experts also name this condition as tension headache.

Medications like moov cream, naproxen and asprin may prove helpful if the condition is not very much severe. Over the counter medications found to be effective for tension headaches. But if you suffer from this condition very often, then these medications prove to be ineffective.

Most experts also advice to avoid using over dose of oral medications as it can damage your liver to a much greater extent. So, they suggest using ointment and gels like move pain relief cream. Ointment and gels have proved to be more useful in curing the condition more.

Migraine headaches may be more painful as compared to any other common headache. When suffering from this condition you may experience throbbing feeling which can be restricted to any part of your head. Severe conditions may also lead to vomiting and nausea.

During initial stages of this condition moov cream may be very much effective. You may need to seek immediate medical help if it gets more severe. In the table below I have stated some common symptoms that need immediate medical help.


  Condition Symptoms Action to be taken
1 Migraine Chronic condition experiencing pain very often Avoid using OTC but it is advisable to seek immediate medical attention
2 Arthritis Psoriatic arthritis condition that can lead to ulcers and heart attack Seek immediate medical attention
3 Nerve pain Severe pain in nerves leading to numbness Move cream or other over the counter medications should be ineffective

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Arthritis pain – symptoms, causes and cure


This is a very common type of joint pain. The condition is also very much common in adults. In general one of the main causes for this condition is wear and tear that occurs in the joint region.


Apart from this some other types are also very rare including rheumatoid arthritis. For best treatment you need to look around for non-steroid drugs and ointments. Experts suggest using effective ointment like moov pain relief cream as it is non-steroidal. The medication helps in reducing inflammation caused in the joint region. Apart from this it also helps in overcoming the pain and helps in movement of joints.


The best reason for using moov cream is that it helps in lowering the rate of enzyme produced in the joint region that accelerates pain. It contains many active ingredients that extracted from natural substances. The cream also proves effective for reducing arthritis pain from the spine region.


To make it more effective you may have to use it after regular intervals of time for few days. The ointment numbs the endings of the nerves. That is also one of the most common causes for triggering joint pain. In case you are experiencing severe condition then it is advisable to seek immediate medical help.

If the pain gets more severe such that you experience fever and swelling in the joint region then it can also lead to other types of joint infections. Under this condition it is advisable to seek help of a professional health care expert.


Pain in muscles


Tearing up of muscles can also lead to unbearable pain. Move pain relief cream has proved helpful in curing such types of pain. It offers with anti-inflammatory effect in the affected area. It helps in stimulating the nerve endings. You may also experience such pain when exercising for long hours.


In most cases oral medications should always avoided. They can have side effects and so ointments and pain gels are more effective. Gels offer with superficial cooling effect as it involves heat treatment. Active ingredients also help in reducing soreness and swelling from the region.


Ingredients like camphor and menthol present in the ointment can ease swelling to a much greater extent. In case you observe that the swelling does not get cured within few days. Then you may have to seek medical help before the condition gets worse.


Pain in the nerves


Herniated disks and pinched nerves considered as one of the leading causes of nerve pain. It may tend to cause numbness and burning sensations. If not severe then it is possible to treat it by application of ointment and gel. They work by helping reduce the pressure from the affected area.




For severe cases treating pain can be a complicated task. It is important that right action taken at the right time. Oral medications can help subside the pain for some time. To help cure it you have to ensure that you consult a genuine health care expert.

It is also important to begin with the treatment once you have identified the right symptoms. Hundreds of OTC’s are available but each type is not effective for most of the severe conditions. Even if selecting ointments or gels it is important to consult experts.


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