7 Coolest Vacation Spots for people who hate the heat!

Coolest Vacation Spots for people who hate the heat!

Coolest Vacation Spots: There are many people in the world who do not like nor are fond of slightest heat. There are many places in the world for such people where it is very cold. They are as follows:

Coolest Vacation Spots
Coolest Vacation Spots


This place is located 5610m above the sea level on the continental divide in Montana. This is a bit warmer place on the list than the others. But, still the average temperature in January varies between 14 and 33F. The climate here drops down below the freezing point from October to April.  One can get the coolness of this place mostly if they visit only in December. The temperature was minus 70F on January 20 1954.The temperatures in this place is always low.


This Idaho city has the smallest population ever of just 63. In this city the lowest temperature recorded is in December which is -54F.  The average lows every January hit the -1 F level. This is not the place if one is looking for sea’s and sun. It does have a museum, a mayor and even its own chamber of commerce which is only for 63 people.


Currently the settlement here is uninhabited. It was once home to several construction workers who were constructing the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System between 1974 and 1977. After the pipeline was finished, the camp was taken down. And so now there is no people residing there to enjoy the daily mean temperatures of -14.9F in January. This place is also known for its lowest ever temperature, beating Rogers Pass by 10 degrees with a -80F recorded in January 1971. It snows constantly from October to April.


This place has had the record of lowest temperature in the contiguous USA. The temperature that was recorded was -81F on February 3rd 1947. When the temperature was this much there were at least 8-10 people living in Snag. The average annual temperature nowadays in Snag is a high of 34.3F and a low of 10.3F, making a mean average of 22.3 F.


Russia is just another league when it comes to cold. Oymyakon has the lowest record of -90F, which is the lowest recorded temperature for any permanently inhabited place on Earth. It was recorded0 on February 6th 1933. The temperature in December, January and February are in minus fifties. This town has a population of 472. Compared to some on the list the town is quiet big and its far north location means that it enjoys a 21- hour day in June, although the days in December last only for 3 hours.


This place has been used as a weather station since its inception in 1947. There is no sunlight from October to February. There is an annual average temperature of -1.8F. But at least there is no rain during those long winter months. Also there are no rains between the months of October to May, causing the area to be a polar desert. It is a place of great contrasts.


This is the most populated place on this list. This place is the capital of Mongolia. This holds the dubious honour of being the coldest capital across the world. It is quiet high up, about 1310m above sea level. It is a great cultural center. It consists of museums like the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts. This is just what one would want rather than lingering outside in temperatures of -16F. Around the year, the average temperature is about -2.4F it is because of the icy winds.

So do chill out at these coolest places. Hope you like to read more about travel, visit our Tour Travel Hotels and Dairy of Nomad for more related information and ideas

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