Couture to kill: how to dress like your fave Bond girl

Dress Like James Bond Girls : Couture to kill

Dress like your Bond, James Bond fave girls. He’s only for blokes, apparently. Big burly blokes who like lager, football, fast cars, beautiful women and the brutal murder of villains with mild body defects.

James Bond Girls
James Bond Girls

But that can’t be right. Go to any film theatre and you’ll see plenty of women filinginto screenings of Spectre. After all, this is one of the highest grossing blockbusters of the year, not a niche product for men who secretly want to snuggle Jeremy Clarkson during the cold winter nights.

Yet they say that men want to be Bond. They want to drive his supercars, fiddle with his gadgets (so to speak) and liaise with his Bond girls (that was the least explicit way of phrasing that, but you get the idea).

Do women feel the same way? Do they want to be one of Bond’s girls? Possibly not (although Lea Seydoux’s character manages to be both voluptuous and a strong female. Could she be the breakthrough in femininity the Bond franchise desperately needs?). But there’s no denying that you could fill a thousand-and-one articles on the amazing clothes the Bond girls sport. We’d ALL love their fashion designers.

With that in mind, we’ve found a few simple ways for you to mimic the styles of some of the most iconic Bond girls (although they’re all iconic in their own way) on the silver screen.

You Only Live Twice: Aki

Strange and (by nowadays standards) mildly offensive Orientalism aside, You Only Live Twice is Sean Connery’s victorious swansong before he bowed out of the Bond world. However, the real star of the show is Aki.

A government agent in the Japanese Secret Intelligence Service, it’s Aki’s wardrobe that really has a license to kill. And while some of her more elaborate outfits are difficult to perfect, her dazzling array of kimonos are easily attainable from any high-quality store. Click on this link to find a kimono on the cheap from a fantastic fashion outlet.

Goldeneye: Xenia Onatopp

The hyper-sexualised (and hyper-sexed) Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye is the type of woman who’d probably attack a bouncer on a night out, but with an AK-47 instead of a high heel. Yet her combat outfit is stylish enough to put Lara Croft to shame.

Black net t-shirts are available from any high street clothing store, while a pair of black combat trousers will give you the slinky appeal of Onatopp (all under £100).

Spectre: Madeleine Swann

The Bond girl of the moment, played pitch-perfectly by Lea Seydoux in Spectre, is strong, sexy – and has a stunning taste in clothes.

As she’s Bond’s latest lady, her outfit is readily available from the high street. Her pale green flutter dress can be purchased for under £30, while a platinum plated diamante bracelet is available for under £40. So you could dress like your favourite action heroines WITHOUT the need to battle Blofeld.

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