Create a Party Portfolio

Create a Party Portfolio: If you are a budding artist who desires to exhibit your work to a potential client or perhaps you are an experienced professional who has mastered the myriad of printable materials that exist, you must master the digital medium. Have you ever wondered how someone can make a printable resume for you?

Well, answer a question that may very well be burning you at the fuse – “How can you create a resume online?” You may not be the sharpest sawed-off contractor with no website up and even if you have a website up, it may not be pertinent. The economic opportunity that accrues to those who take the time to create a social media presence begins with the ability to quickly and easily put your resume online.

Create a Party Portfolio
Create a Party Portfolio

In order to take full advantage of social media you must become a master of both short- and long-term social media strategies. acquaintances and employers will only see your posts or posts that are a minimum of 48 hours old. In this scenario, in 48 hours you could be forgotten by almost everyone.

Professional portfolio

The good news is that the technology exists to make it easy for you to create a professional portfolio. You don’t need to be a professional artist to put your art skills into social media. You do need to have a good understanding of colors, shapes, text sizes, and the type of fonts that are on your resume or cover.

The first step to creating a portfolio is to figure out how to efficiently and painlessly create it. You can follow all the steps below or something much simpler that you do, or use one of the many portfolios building applications. Whichever way, you can expect to be able to create a professional looking portfolio that will hold your work in high regard.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll need to decide how to display your portfolio so that it will properly present your resume. There are so many things you can do as a volunteer or economic deduction.

How to Openfolio

o Openfolio in iWorkItalia

o Openfolio in

o Create Cover Art

o uploading pictures to Facebook

o having people display work on their Facebook pages.

The possibilities are nearly endless. You can research a topic, gather ideas, research other ideas, and do it yourself.

How to create a professional looking portfolio.

1. Determine what type of information you would like to include in a portfolio.

This should be obvious. You need to decide what type of professional information you are seeking to put online (eg. web designed, freelance, for sale, classifieds, area codes).

If you have a large volume of work that is sold, consult with a designer that can help you the work. They can also advise where to market such work.

If you have a large volume of art that is not sold, a designer will be able to it for you.

2. Decide what type of software you would like to use to create your portfolio.

portfolios with themes are one of the most popular and well liked thins. The theme gives your work a professional look. Most clients prefer portfolios that follow a theme.

3. Find the Internet.

The Internet is the ultimate re for putting your work online. There are many company websites that offer free hosting, and other hosting services. There are also many hosts with a very good reputation, so don’t count out finding your own website.

Old fashioned way

This is probably the most time consuming of the methods for new artists.

1. Think of a good commercial site to sell your work on.

The most popular are likely to be gallery websites with this sites like These run the gamut from really good (like 123 gallery) to just having a site with a few photos and a few drawings.

There are also commercial photo-wolf sites. If you ignore these too they will just eat up your time and confuse you further.

So, there you have it. I hope you follow each of these three steps.

Good luck!

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