Dallas Texas Online Furniture Store – Your Wood Bedroom Furniture & Living Room Furniture Care Guide

Your home is your paradise where you get peace. That’s why you decorate it with your taste and comfort level. And for convenience the first consideration is the choice of your furniture. Whatever your living room, bedroom, children’s furniture or your dining / pub table, it is very important to choose your furniture wisely. Decisions about furniture totally depend on the space available, the needs and costs you are looking for and, of course, the maintenance you are willing to do.

The furniture is available in a variety of materials, but as far as “wooden furniture” is concerned, it has many advantages as it blends better with the natural environment, does not absorb heat, reduces maintenance costs, is easy to clean and durable but it is necessary to be treated periodically.

Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping your wooden furniture looking like new

Always remember that a simple routine maintenance can not only increase the durability of your wooden furniture, but also help maintain its wise shape and appearance that your furniture could lose its strength and robustness. Wooden furniture can lose strength due to:

1 Weather conditions it is the first concern that comes to mind for all wooden furniture that may affect wooden furniture, it could be rain / snow / humidity / fog exposure. Exposure to any of these can adversely affect the wooden cells of the furniture which can lead to the expansion or contraction of the cell walls based on the moisture content inside the cell which causes the furniture to shrink and swell. wood. This can also lead to defects in de-shaping, cracking, peeling and paint / varnish.

2. Alteration process – Atmospheric agents are the process of degradation of the wood surface caused by the combined atmospheric effects such as solar radiation, humidity and heat, etc., with a consequent change in appearance and deconstruction and decrease in the composite thickness of the wood.

During this process, the wood first changes its color to become light and further the wood surface loses its wood fibers due to erosion. However, this erosion process is an extremely slow process and involves decades of years.

All the facts mentioned above can be easily checked with proper care. The guidelines / tips given by the Dallas furniture store can help you not only maintain the appearance of the furniture in your living room or bedroom, but also increase the life of your wooden furniture.

  • The use of coasters / mats is recommended when placing glasses, vases, cups etc. On wooden surfaces.
  • Always use waterproof furniture covers for protection from moisture.
  • Since outdoor furniture is more exposed to air particles, therefore water repellents or other products with a high percentage of oil are not recommended as they have a tendency to stick to these particles.
  • The contraction and expansion of the wood due to weathering may require adjustment of the screws and, to make it easier, it is recommended to avoid painting on the screw fittings.
  • Wash the furniture once a week if it is near the pool, as the pool water contains chlorine which can affect the finish of the furniture.
  • Apply a touch up / varnish once a year.

If some damage has occurred on the surface of the wooden furniture, you can repair it with a few simple processes described below:

  • First, clean the damaged surface with a pure cotton cloth and a mild detergent and allow it to dry completely.
  • Now lightly sand the area to be repaired with sandpaper or finer.
  • Next, rub a small amount of stone compound into the damaged area and smooth it, leave it until it dries.
  • To complete the repair process, apply paint / colors. Let it dry completely.

To conclude, with proper care and maintenance you can preserve the appearance and give life to your wooden furniture and, ultimately, improve the quality of your home.

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