De-Bloating Tea herbal teas to help reduce bloating

De-Bloating Tea herbal teas to help reduce bloating

De-Bloating Tea: In case you have no idea…Your body does a great job of giving you notice when you have given them something you shouldn’t or they don’t like. You know that feeling right? You get painfully uncomfortable, full of gas, overly full and at the time you might even feel the urge of slipping into your most comfortable sweatpants.

Unfortunately, this feeling is being caused by most of our most loved food, be it healthy or not. These food do this through the production of gas in the intestine. It’s called Bloating.

De Bloating Tea
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Bloating is a very common stomach problem that is developed from the overeating or consumption of unhealthy foods. Excess water retention or bloating can be caused by certain health conditions which result in the stomach discomfort and stuffed feeling which comes along with feeling extremely full.

In some instances, bloating comes as a result of the intake of foods that are greasy or extra salty. It is sometimes difficult to pinpoint the main cause of bloating especially when you’re consuming healthy diets.

Celebrity Detox Tea

One most advanced way to act against bloating in staying hydrated – not just hydrated, but this time with the help of TEA. At Celebrity Detox Tea, we have a variety of teas with different benefits, not only do they have the ability to help in fighting the discomfort and bloating but through the water contained in every tea, you are likely to stay hydrated and with the best feeling throughout the day. While drinking water when you’re already full and even feeling uncomfortable, might seem like a counteractive action, intake of the right and adequate amount of fluid will go a long way in relieving bloating and also stand as a means of preventing subsequent occurrence.

Owing to this, we have decided to put together, a variety of best teas that will help you in de-bloating. Drinking any of these teas listed below will help revive your digestion, as well as get rid of any bloating symptoms.

Teas to help you De-bloat


Generally speaking, peppermint is known for soothing stomach pains.

Peppermint is an herbal tea that has been in use for a long time now, to provide a remedy to irritable bowel syndrome as well as digestive orders. The peppermint contains menthol in its leaves that gives a pleasant flavor while also aiding in the reduction of inflammation. These anti-inflammatory properties help in soothing the stomach that causes nausea and bloating.

Research has also shown that peppermint tea helps in boosting some properties that get rid of alleviating intestinal bloating and gas. It also revealed that this tea helps stop the pain that comes with cramps and bloating.

The Ginger Tea

For thousands of years now, the ginger tea has served as a means of providing natural medication and remedy for digestive issues. The root of the plant is filled with powerful bioactive components that exhibit the physiological activities that are in the body. Study shows that when it comes to de-bloating and alleviating digesting discomfort, the ginger tea goes a long way in doing that.

Do you want to jump into making your ginger tea? Just peel a slice half-inch of fresh ginger root, and steep it in boiling water for about 5 mins.

The Lavender Tea

Among other herbs commonly used today, the Lavender is the most loved one. in ancient times, the Lavender tea has different medicinal uses. One amazing thing about the Lavender tea is that both the flower and the oil have medicinal uses. Studies have suggested that the lavender tea can be used in easing digestion, de-bloating, reliving stomach upset, etc. it has also shown signs of great help to people who have a loss of appetite and nausea which has unpleasant side effects that can be traced to bloating.

Do you want to make your lavender tea? It’s easy – steep the culinary lavender bud in boiling water for about 5 minutes.

Green Tea

Due to the great digestive aid as well as weight loss ability possessed by this green tea, it is popularly known as a medicinal tea. Also, consuming this tea regularly for a long time can prevent the risk of heart disease. Added to the importance of this tea is its ability to provide a remedy to bloating, all thanks to its high concentration in antioxidants.

Research has shown that green tea improves the digestive system to help in breaking down food effectively.

Chamomile Tea

This is another traditional remedy for digestive distress that has been in use for a very long time. The dried flowers of this plant contain properties that contribute to its medicinal properties. Different studies have revealed that the chamomile tea has a powerful way to make the digestive system relax which lead to alleviating the pain and the discomfort caused by bloating. The chamomile can also help in treating indigestion and nausea which as we’ve discussed are common symptoms of bloating.

Do you need to make your own ASAP? Steep fresh chamomile flowers in boiling water for 5 minutes.

Lemon Tea

To me, this is the main deal. It fights bloating very fast, just by taking a hot cup of it. The oil that comes out of this tea after boiling helps in boosting anti-inflammatory properties that helps in soothing stomach upset. The property is also known as a diuretic which goes a long way in assisting your digestive system in de-bloating.

Now you can De-Bloat with Tea

With the list of amazing teas listed above, all in different flavors, you can now de-bloat and love the taste at the same time.

Just brew a cup of any of these amazing tea and watch very symptom of bloating leave. In addition to taking any of these teas, you should also try to avoid any form of fatty food and then limit the amount of water intake in your body.


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