Deejo Pocket Knives Are Practical, Customizable, and Beautifully Made

Every year, holiday shopping presents the same question: how do you get a gift that feels both practical – something they will actually use and not toss in a drawer – and worthwhile, such as it is that Was it tailored to the person you are shopping for? Our advice: No matter who is on your list, focus on craftsmanship. And that’s exactly what you get with a pocket knife. With their high-quality wooden handles, tough stainless-steel blades, and nearly endless customization options, these knives are the kind of gift they will use every day and cherish for a lifetime.

Deejo knives stand apart from the specific blades found at a particular retailer. The brand got its start in 2010, when founder Stephen LeBeau designed an ultralight pocket knife, with simplicity and excellent cutting capability (an ideal in contrast to accessory-packed multitels). Later, his friend and business partner Luke Foin gave the idea to customize knives with different blade finishes and wood options for the handle.

Soon, the move toward customization led to another Deejo hallmark: tattoos, or added directly to the blade for an additional layer of design personalization. Nowadays, you can choose from thousands of options to make a completely unique dejo pocket knife.


But it’s not just about the visuals. Dejo knives are designed to be carried “everyday” to the next level. They come in three different weights: a feather 15 grams, 27 grams and 37 grams. This means that even the heaviest models still weigh about an ounce, and combined with their slim profile, they are ideal for slipping into a pocket or pack. Their thin wooden handles and durable stainless steel blades make them easy to open with one hand and are great for cutting through all types of materials. Unlike bulk knives or multitools, Dijo pocket knives provide exceptional performance in a streamlined package. They are exactly the kind of equipment you Want to To carry one with you every day.


With their wide range of customization options, Dijo Pocket Knives are designed to reflect their owner’s style. Choose from a large variety of tattoo designs for your knife, from the company’s easy online configuration to finish blades and handle materials. A vintage cafe racer has motorcycles, feather motifs and animals, tribal designs — a blade tattoo to match every taste and interest.

Deejo also goes the extra mile by giving you the option to add custom engraving to your knife. You can add 35 characters of engraved text to the handle, which is perfect for adding a monogram or short message. Want to really lean into customization? Pick up a DIY engraving kit to make your own design on the blade. No matter how you choose your dejo, you will actually get a kind of knife.

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When you buy a Dizo Pocket Knife, you are not just picking up a functional device or passing any other name on your shopping list. You are buying a legacy – a knife that will last for years, perform flawlessly, and reflect the person who owns it.

It is a gift that anyone will be happy to open this holiday season

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