3 Dental Implants Advantages Over Bridges and Dentures

Dental Implants Advantages Over Bridges and Dentures

Dental Implants Advantages: There are different moments in life when you can end up without a tooth. Sometimes an accident happens. In other cases, you have a health problem. No matter the case, if the missing tooth is not quickly replaced, various different problems can appear. In some cases, people do not want to replace the tooth as it is not visible. However, when the missing tooth is placed in an area that is completely visible, it is a certainty that the implant will be considered due to appearance reasons.

The gums and the jaw will support teeth. Teeth also support the jaw and the gums. The connection is really important for proper mouth functioning. Tooth damage will automatically cause damage to appear in gums and jaws. As soon as a tooth is lost, the entire surrounding area will disintegrate. Bone necessary to hold a tooth in place will actually start to dissolve. Jawbone shrinkage soon follows. When jaws are developing, space remains free so the upcoming teeth will not be aligned properly.

Dental Implants Advantages


We should also highlight those missing teeth will automatically negatively affect the appearance of an individual. Besides chewing and speaking problems, the person will not look well as teeth are missing.


Well-known cosmetic dentistry clinics like Desert Family Dental will offer different methods that can be used in order to fix the missing teeth. Dentures are among the first options considered. They are popular as the comfort offered is high and the artificial teeth are easy to remove. However, we are faced with an implant that is not permanent. Internal damage cannot be prevented so jaw bones will continue eroding.


Bridges are a little better than dentures. They are going to fill gaps between missing teeth in a permanent way and they will not be rooted in jaws or gums. A bridge is basically a dental crown that is put inside gaps. Teeth close to gaps will be downsized though in order to make the space for crowns. Decay can easily appear because of this.

Dental Implants

With both bridges and crowns, we have jawbones that are vulnerable to decaying and damage. Something like this can be tackled with the use of dental implants. Dental implants are going to simulate real tooth presence. The procedure will see the drilling of a small hole right inside gums. An anchor or metal implant will be placed right in it. A crown will then be added to replicate the missing real tooth in form and color. We have bone tissue and gum tissue that remains. They will grow around dental implants so the result is really strong.


On the whole, the most important thing to remember is that the dental implant is not going to damage jaw bone and gums. In fact, the implants will prevent the appearance of damage in these areas, allowing damage reversal. You can enjoy the dental implant for your entire life when proper oral hygiene will be maintained. This is actually a highly important thing with Cosmetic dentistry in general.

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