Dental Procedures Performed In Cosmetic Dentistry Clinics

Dental Procedures Performed In Cosmetic Dentistry Clinics

Dental Procedures Performed: People from all around the world are interested in having a perfect smile and the good news is that technology reached the point at which this is possible through cosmetic dentistry. So many things can go wrong in life. People can be born with a truly perfect smile and something happens that leads to huge problems. Losing a perfect smile would lead to lower confidence and self-esteem.

Dental Procedures Performed
Dental Procedures Performed

Cosmetic dentistry is going to help those in need. It can offer the perfect smile back, which is a huge advantage we should all know as much as possible about. The only problem is that there are so many misconceptions that are associated with this type of dentistry. In order to offer a better understanding about cosmetic dentistry, let’s discuss the most common procedures that are performed right now all around the world.

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are now yellow, teeth whitening can be considered in order to regain the color you want to have. Bleaching teeth is possible at home but also in a cosmetic dentist office for much better results. Cosmetic dentists can now perform many different procedures that whiten teeth. However, it is important to first get checked out so that you can treat the problems that may exist. Sometimes bleaching can make conditions worse so you do not want to be exposed to the risk.

Dental Veneers

The dental veneer is a thin shell that is normally made out of porcelain. Other alternatives do exist though. You want to use the veneers in order to cover teeth that are damaged. Only visible tooth part will be treated with the veneer. In most cases, this cosmetic dentistry method is used to cover stained or discoloured teeth but is also useful in covering spaces.

Dental Implants

The dental implant, just as the name implies, is aimed to replace a missing tooth. It is shaped just like the original tooth and will be surgically fit your jawbone. The aim is to replace the missing tooth. For people that are missing more than one tooth or have several that are damaged, the all on 4 procedure can get this fixed up in one visit for surgery with minimal follow-ups. Talk about technological progress!

Dental Crowns

Sometimes these are known as dental caps. The dental crown is a special custom-made addition that will fit perfectly over whole teeth sets. A crown will be made out of porcelain in combination with metal or acrylic fusing. Biting pressure can be supported in a highly effective way. Badly decayed teeth or chipped teeth can be covered by the crowns.


The cosmetic dentistry procedure will be used when stained teeth have to be treated. As opposed to the crowns and the veneers, the process sees the material adhering to teeth, thus creating a protective shell over it.

To sum up, these are the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures that are done these days but there are many others that exist. It is highly important that the cosmetic dentist is consulted in order to be sure that the best choice is made. Some of the procedures that work really well in some cases will not be tremendous for others.

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