Design Classics Of Contemporary Furniture: Verner Panton

Verner Panton: Every now and then a piece of furniture comes so surprising in its design that it immediately becomes a modern classic. One of these contemporary pieces of furniture is the S chair, commonly known as the Panton chair, designed by Verner Panton. Immediately recognizable, the S Chair, or Panton Chair, looks like a space age and is available in a variety of bright and vibrant colors.

Verner Panton originally came from Denmark and is considered to be one of the country’s most influential furniture designers. His use of modern materials, especially plastic, and his futuristic design made him extremely popular in the 1960s, when this aspect was highly sought after.

Contemporary furniture design
Contemporary furniture design

Verner Panton first designed the S Chair in 1960 and was the first single-form injection-molded plastic chair ever made. Without recognizable legs or back, the chair is a true style innovation. Thanks to the bright colors and modern shape, the chair was incredibly popular in the 1960s. Now the S chair is enjoying a new wave of popularity and it is easy to understand why: this contemporary piece of furniture fits perfectly in any home and its material and shape make it an extremely practical choice for every family.

Another immediately recognizable element of contemporary furniture is the Marshmallow chair designed by George Nelson. Created in 1956, it is the ultimate in avant-garde design. Although the Marshmallow chair is a playful design, it is extremely comfortable and this is one of the reasons why this contemporary piece of furniture has remained so popular over the years.

George Nelson created a unique, original and striking look with his historic and extravagant Marshmallow chair, the piece was designed with clearly avant-garde functionality. The series of circular cushions placed on a steel frame really attracts attention. This feature has a couple of great benefits; the cushions can be removed and reconnected to facilitate cleaning and the ability to move the cushions ensures that each area of ​​the chair is used and worn evenly. The design of this contemporary piece of furniture lends itself to brightly colored cushions for a further touch of drama.

When you want to make a real statement with contemporary furniture you can’t make a better choice than these pieces designed by Verner Panton and George Nelson. Their bold designs and the use of bright colors make these furniture extraordinary to look at as well as being very fun. However, the real key to this contemporary piece of furniture lies in its maximum practicality, which makes it ideal in the modern home.


by Chris Button

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