Lists of superfoods that help you keep a check on diabetes!

Lists of superfoods that help you keep a check on diabetes!

Diabetes superfoods: While maintaining a check on diabetes, it’s the whole food that is unprocessed are included in the special diet such as fruits and vegetables. When you include these foods in your food, no wonder you reduce your chances of complications that are attached to high sugar level. Here is the list of super foods that will help you keep your sugar level in control, try eating all or include a maximum of them in your daily meal. This will undoubtedly improve your overall health besides keeping sugar level under control.

Here is the list of super foods that are full of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You must know about these foods and may have started including them in your food platter. If not, then add these baby steps to your daily food and enjoy the healthy life.



As indeed said” An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” it’s because of the nutritional values an apple hold. When you eat just one apple for four weeks, you will see that the 40 % reduces your cholesterol. Apple acts like a protective fruit for the people who are suffering from diabetes. Don’t feel stingy with this fruit, eat more to grasp its benefits.

Lists of superfoods that help you keep a check on diabetes
Lists of superfoods that help you keep a check on diabetes


It is a good of protein and full of proteins. Studies reveal that by including beans in your daily diet, you can reduce blood sugar and blood pressure. Enriched with protein this superfood should directly make way to your plate with the sole motive of keeping a check on increased sugar levels.


This fruit contains flavonoids, which are popular for its multiple health benefits. Because of its high fiber rich property its one of the fruits that reduces the risk of diabetes. So next time when you feel hungry, look out for blueberries.


This is one of the super foods as it contains more of vitamin c than orange. It also contains antioxidant beta-carotene, with which the body makes Vitamin A. The green color of Broccoli proffers strong teeth and bones, healthy vision and glowing skin. Researchers revealed that by consuming Broccoli, you keep heart diseases at bay. The vegetable promotes healthy cardiovascular and overall longevity.


This healthy and tasty vegetable can be either eaten raw or can be added to tomato soup, juice or even added to make sweet dishes like Kheer and Halwa. Though its starchy vegetable, it doesn’t contain carbohydrates. American diabetes association considers five carrots as free food that need not be counted in a meal plan. If you belong to the family of diabetic people, then make carrots compulsory in your food plate. It decreases the risk of developing diabetes.  Eat it either cooked or raw. To have its maximum benefit adds it to various vegetables and soups.


This is one of the most recommended things by allopathic and naturopathy doctors. It’s seen that by eating raw garlic, the person can reduce his cholesterol level and high blood pressure. By consuming garlic daily, you can keep problems that are directly connected with the digestive system like Gastro entity or acidity at bay. It will reduce your chances of falling victim to heart problems as well.


When you feel a strong urge to eat something sweet, make a way towards melon. Watermelons that are full of nutrients and contain approximately 80% water content. The antioxidant Lycopene that it provides and keeps some cancers and heart problems at a far distance. Plus, melons will meet your daily excessive water needs.


Nuts have always been considered as the healthiest food choice available to every person. Most of the nuts are an excellent of omega-3 fatty acid, fiber, vitamin E and unsaturated fats. Jointly, these things make the artery walls more flexible, and hence the chances of forming blood clots are reduced. Add nuts into your daily diet to reduce the chances of getting trapped in the labyrinth of the heart diseases. A recent study reveals that a person who eats nuts on a regular basis is capable of reducing his blood sugar levels and bad cholesterol. Being a handy snack and easy to carry option makes the nuts one of the most favorite picks of the commuters. To control sugar level with the help of nuts, keep the caloric value of nut in mind. Avoid chocolate covered varieties, honeyed or sugared or salty nuts altogether.



This is one of the healthy breakfast that you treat yourself with. It contains fiber that gives you more staying power than any other low-fiber eatable. It contains a soluble fiber more than any other grain that reduces bad cholesterol and chances of developing heart diseases. By keeping the stomach full for a longer time it provides a hindrance to digestive enzymes, thus keep blood sugar level under control.


It is full of so many nutritional values that consuming raspberries can help in reducing the heart diseases, cancers, and skin problems. The vitamin C it contains is sufficient to meet your half requirement of the day. Eat it to keep your sugar level under check.

Red grapefruit-

Many of you may not have heard the name of red grapefruit. It’s known as “Chakotra” in Hindi. This juicy and tasty fruit is full of antioxidants that are capable of reducing harmful cholesterol and heart diseases. It’s also seen that this red grapefruit is capable of increasing your good cholesterol. Moreover, the benefits of this fruit are seen in the patients who are living with the problem of high or low blood pressure. Eating it with a dash of lemon juice, add more flavor to its taste.

Red onions-

Onions that are red are more beneficial than the yellow and white ones. They not only make the salad, burgers, and sandwiches, tasty and delicious but also add good effect to your daily meal. You next time when you fill your plate with food don’t forget to add red onions to it. It contains potassium, fiber and foliates. It contains flavonoids that keep cancer and cardiovascular diseases at a hands distance.

Red peppers-

Don’t panic; red peppers are those green peppers only that have been allowed to ripen for a long time on a vine. It contains lycopene, antioxidants, Vitamins A and C and beta-carotene that proffers healthy life and reduces the risk of many heart diseases. It is amongst those four healthy vegetables after spinach, carrots, and tomatoes that contain higher amount of antioxidants. Add them to your daily diet to reduce the chances of attracting diabetes.


It is one of the highest protein-enriched products that are low in cholesterol and fats. It meets your protein requirement and is popular because of its beneficial foliate, iron, potassium contents. Add soya to your food and get the maximum benefits of protein in your meals.



The vegetable enriching vitamins and minerals was one of the favorite picks of the Pop eye, a famous cartoon character. By eating this healthy vegetable, you can keep many diseases at bay.  According to a recent study, it has been proved that the people who eat green vegetables, especially spinach are likely to lower the risk of developing diabetes. With the sole aim of reducing sugar level, one should not forget this wondrous veggie available round the year.


Yes, your favorite drink tea is also on the cards of keeping diabetes at a furlong distance. It contains antioxidant-rich flavonoids that decrease heart diseases by facilitating blood vessels to dilate. It has also seen that apart from giving you a sense of contentment this drink improves cholesterol levels and eliminates the risk of certain types of cancers


This healthy veggie that your refrigerator is always full of serves as an excellent of vitamin C. This enriching eatable is capable of protecting you from certain types of cancers like prostate cancer. It’s been proven that it decreases the risk of heart disease as well. Add it to your salad and drinking a tomato soup is a fantastic option available to you in the coming monsoon and winter season after that.


Your breakfast is incomplete without this staple. You may not be aware that by eating it every morning you are treating your body with the most beautiful thing. It is an excellent of calcium that facilitates Healthy Teeth and bones. Moreover, it is rich in Vitamin B2 and protein to give you a full stomach feeling till longer hours. To soak in its benefits, eat plain yogurt commonly known as curd or Dahi to you. Opting for Lassi and buttermilk is also a good option.

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