Different style of mehndi for various occasions

Mehndi for various occasions

Mehndis for different occasions: Mehndi for various occasions: Mehndi is a perfect supplement to the beauty of any woman. It can be worn on several occasions. Whether it is the wedding, anniversary, festival, or engagement, dressed in a mehndi is a great option. Mehndi plays a significant role in many ways. First of all, it is applied to the body as the part of the rituals. Secondly, it has now become a style statement.

 South Asian countries

Mehndi finds its origin in the South Asian countries. However, it has become popular all over the world. Many people from Western countries have also started applying mehndi to make the fashion statement. There are numerous types of mehndi designs. The choice of conception also varies by the occasion. While some mehndi are quite complicated and require the expert artist, the others are rather simple. Here is some idea about the finest mehndi designs you can use for different occasions. 

Quick designs for any occasion

Some simple mehndi designs are perfect for all the events. For example, if you are attending someone’s marriage ceremony, you can apply these types of mehndi designs. They are also for some cultural traditions as well. Here are some ideas:

  • You don’t always need the expert to get a good mehndi design. Some simple designs can be created all by you. For example, you don’t have to cover your entire hand or even palm with mehndi. You can go for the finger mehndi art. They will make your fingers look more beautiful and elegant. Hand Mehndi is the type of design is also perfect for your engagement. It will give you the opportunity to flaunt your style.


  • If you want to keep it simple but a little more elaborate than the finger mehndi you can go for the bail design. You can create flowers and make your hand look incredibly stylish, beautiful, and elegant. The simple floral designs are extremely eye-catching, and you will get lots of appreciation for it.

Flower designs

  • Flower designs are perfect for several occasions. Let’s say you are planning to attend the marriage ceremony of your friend or someone in the family. You can create a simple flower design that will go well with almost all types of outfits. It can also go well with the minimal party wear. Even a simple design makes your hands look attractive and instantly grab the attention of the onlookers.

Simple Mehndi designs that entice you to try your hand on

  • It’s not just your hands or arms that can beautify with Mehndi; your feet can also be made attractive and stylish with them. The simple design with flowers and leaves decked partially with glitters is perfect for many types of occasions. What’s even good about them is that they can create pretty easily and quickly. So, if you want the last minute mehndi design, that’s the one to go for.

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  • Take off the glitter from the black mehndi on your feet, but keep the leaves and flowers. You will lend a classy touch to your feet. This mehndi is thus even suitable for the office goers.

 Get a little festive with mehndi

 Mehndi designs are also for some of the festivals. There are many festivals where you can go for some stylish designs and enhance your looks. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Flowers are pretty attractive. But they can be made even more beautiful with the accompanying patterns. If you are someone who loves little-involved mehndi design, you are going to love the patterned designs quite well. How about adding some stones and glitters to these drawings? They will be perfect for the festive looks.
  • The stone decked mehndi design will look electrifying. It will grab the attention of the onlookers. It will make your stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, various types of stones available can be used to enhance the mehndi design. The stones are also available in different colours. Therefore, you can match them to the colour of your dress.

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15 best and latest Mehndi Designs 2017

Bridal Mehndi

Bridal mehndi is one of the tough types of designs available. An expert should only create this kind of design. When it comes to bridal mehndi, there are many options available. You would want to explore some of the designs before making the final choice.

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