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The nexGTv is amongst those million downloads which won a award in the race of winning hearts of million of consumers by its world-class entertainment which comes all the way to you through tabs, mobiles, and laptops. The choices are vast in number and ample movies are stored in the library. It is capable enough to show the movies, shows and videos that suit everybody’s mood. Needless to say that the nexGTv has won the award of “The best digital experience” at London and at the same time it ranks amongst top 10 best app in entertainment applications. It operates flawlessly at 2G/ EDGE/3G and 4G. Apart from these stagnant entertainment areas it runs smoothly on mobile devices when connected with Wi-Fi as well.             


The main purpose of the app is to keep its viewers entertained whole day long so that they forget their worries and get refreshed in those lethargic hours. It gives freedom to access 150 TV channels also. Needless to say that nexGTv is a one-touch mobile TV application that has touched everybody heart and has revolutionized the entire concept of mobile entertainment.

It is an outcome of dragging people out of their life’s boredom into the entertainment zone. By joining this new concept, you enjoy following attributes

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  • Free channels- The app provides you with 80+ free live channels along with ample TV shows and movies. Your quench of entertainment will be fulfilled here.
  • Resumption- One of the most annoying part which a viewer faces is that he/she has to miss some important part or interesting event of the movie due to any urgent work. But with nexGTv you can resume from where you left.
  • Control- You enjoys complete control on your entertainment programs. You can pause and even play your live TV channels. That is the USB of the nexGTv which take care of your amusement while ongoing show.
  • Full screen- There is nothing like watching favorite movie or program on the full screen. This necessity is well met by the app. It provides you the freedom of watching the program on full screen
  • Language option- Sometimes people faces problem in understanding the language of the program or you may wish to watch the movie which seems good but is in other languages. Then nexGTv comes to your rescue giving you freedom of changing the language option. Convert the ongoing language into your favorite language and watch your favorite show in your own mother tongue.
  • Social connection- Today’s world is off twitter and Facebook. Most of the time people are connected to their near and dear ones through this social site, but nexGTv provides you with the freedom of getting connected with your friends along with watching your favorite program.

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The app has crossed the boundaries of mobile and tablets and can be easily watched at computer and laptops. Entertainment zones include more than 150+ live TV channels which include devotional, movies, music, news, and entertainment.

The fascinating part of the app is that now you can watch movies like Mahabharata or Ramayana on demand. At your single request, it will come live on your computer and laptop. You tend to miss few programs while you are away or you are on your holidays, but this small app nexGTv will take care of your entertainment needs. You can record one week’s favorite program while you were away and you have missed them. The nexGTv is emerging as a new face of entertainment where emphasize are centered on your leisure and this is the reason why it is grabbing popularity amongst the youth today.

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