Diwali Bumper Offer HarPalHappiness

Diwali Bumper Offer HarPalHappiness

Diwali. As we all know, it is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. Before getting on my hands on the special bumper offer, let me just brief a little bit about the festival we are going to celebrate a few days later now. I am sure many of you must be aware of it and maybe a few of my readers are not well versed with the notion and essence of this festival.

It is just not about the new clothes, new gifts, crackers, sweet delicacies or the diyas brightening around every corner of the street. The notion or the idea behind the festival remains the same throughout the ages; and that is; according to Hindu mythology, one of their prominent god Rama had returned to his native place after spending 14 years in the forest. So, to celebrate this joyful occasion, people decorates their houses with Dias, dressed up all new and exchange gifts with their loved ones since ages.

Every Diwali brings home new hopes and prosperity for everyone and to celebrate it widely, peeps hold it as a grand occasion. Like everyone else, I am sure you too love spending on gifts for your dear ones.

#HarPalHappinessGifts are precious. May it be a small ball to the big refrigerator? But there are different reasons why we gift someone: whether it is to see how they react or do you really want to gift them something they need? DO you really love to surprise your loved ones? Well, we are sure you do.

To entertain your urge to make them surprise, I would like to share my experience on the same. My idea of gifting this Diwali is the same: I really like to see the glow and that bright spark in the eyes of the receiver. I was thinking from a long time as what to gift my Pa this year. A list of items flashed in my mind:

A new pair of specs: GIVEN; Diwali 2010.
A new briefcase for office: GIVEN, Diwali 2013.
A new car: can’t afford.
A new watch: umm, he doesn’t wear watches.
A new cell phone? : Hell yeah! Why not. (If it stays in my budget)

So, my task of circling down the perfect Diwali Gift this year was sorted: A new Smartphone! But, wait. I will have to work on some figures before getting my hands onto this idea. Firstly, the budget should be really friendly with my pocket (let’s say: 15-18k approx.). Secondly, the Smartphone should be really sober yet stylish as my Pa won’t hold on a “pink-Clichy” cell phone in his hand and that’s definite! Thirdly, the camera and sound quality is what these old generation peeps lay the most attention to! So, that better be decent.

After this list, I had to click on the chrome button and search for THE ONE.
No, it is not One plus One I am talking about. That’s way too costly for me. I need a better one. As I was surfing, what grabbed my attention was the new offer these Flipkart guys were offering when you buy the new Asus Zenfone. It said, “Stand a chance to win E-gift voucher worth Rs. 1000 every hour and win gold voucher worth Rs. 25,000 everyday!” and that is called #HarPalHappiness Offer. Isn’t it amazing? And what grabbed my attention more was the price and specs of the phone: It was exactly what I wanted!

ASUS Zenfone SelfieI flipped through the series of Smartphone’s Asus delivered with this offer. “Asus Zenfone Selfie” was one option with a sober black colour (apart from the rest) and standard specs suitable for a parent too, 13 mp front and rear view camera in a 5.5 inch screen with dual sim card slots in a decent price range of Rs 15,999. And the other one on a low budget quote, “Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL” which costs around Rs 9,999 with 13mp rear camera and 5 mp front camera on a 5.5 display and dual sim slots. I was highly confused as I was liking both. Then, that was the time to play “inki- pinki- ponki” and finally the result was in the favour of Asus Zenfone Selfie. As the name suggests, it is good phone for a Selfie lover, which is basically my prime motive when I look out to buy a phone. (Pa’s phone but my selfies: great combo!) And the processor speed would be definitely good because of the 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 MSM8939 Processor; that would match up the speedy nature of my father quite well. And the biggest advantage would be the free voucher I would get myself enrolled with this buy.

Below are some specs which may tempt you too to buy this as a Diwali gift for your loved one.

ASUS Zenfone SelfieSo guys? Are you up with this idea of brightening your Diwali brighter? If you too wish to avail this exciting offer, buy any of the Asus Smartphone’s with the hash tag #HarPalHappiness and win a chance to get the gift voucher!

Apart from this amazing deal, you will get a surprised reaction, you will never forget; after your loved one will hold this amazing new phone from Asus. The camera quality and the features are worth the show off!

I would say, this Diwali, brighten up your hearts along with the diyas and make your “someone special” more special with this happy offer by Flipkart. Lastly, I would wish all our readers a very happy and joyful Diwali with lots of gifts and a lot of shout-outs after burning the crackers (Go Green would still be a myth I am sure) and yes, do keep that inner shine glow brighter than ever and make someone smile; not just on 11 November, but every day as every day should be celebrated like a Happy Diwali!

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