Does Preventive Medicine Help In The Reduction Of Healthcare Costs?

Does Preventive Medicine Help In The Reduction Of Healthcare Costs?

Preventive Medicine: It’s no surprise that regular checkups from your doctor can keep you healthy. But you may question the necessity of preventive visits for several reasons. Perhaps it is not convenient for you to travel for your appointment. Or perhaps it is difficult for you when it comes to finances.

Alternatively, maybe you feel like it is just not something you need. Especially if you are currently feeling fine with no apparent symptoms of illness. However, you’ll want to remember that most of the time. Prevention is your best weapon against illness. The onset of medical conditions that can truly become an inconvenience. As well as a massive financial burden on you or your family.

Preventive Medicine
Preventive Medicine

Imunisation to eradicate preventable diseases

Recently, The Times of India reported on a focus on immunization to eradicate preventable diseases, and this focus comes as is a perfect example of how preventive care can lower–or even eliminate– your risk of contracting certain diseases, and thus potentially lower your healthcare costs. With reminders like these about the importance of immunisation for yourself, your children, and your loved ones. You can prevent the contraction and spread of deadly diseases. Which might leave you needing a lifetime of care.

A Larger Scale of Prevention

The key phrase here is “prevention”. Many diseases and illnesses are, indeed, avoidable with the right preventive care. Lately, there has been some buzz about widely increasing preventive care in India. When it comes to certain diseases, as it is important to remember the importance of public health. And the maintenance of population immunity. For example, The Hindu recently reported on a new program to provide free tuberculosis drugs to those afflicted with the disease. Which is made possible largely in part to advances in telemedicine.

Online medicine store in India

By partnering with an online medicine store in India order and supply the drugs to the patients in need. Similar to online pharmacy pharmacists and doctors are able to order and supply the drugs online. This fast intervention and timely treatment can prevent further spread of the disease. And protect the surrounding population. In a situation like this, preventive measures are a huge benefit to public health. And in this case, results in a drastic lowering of healthcare costs for the patients.

The Indian Express reported a similar program to provide drugs for the prevention of HIV. By providing treatment to people who are not already infected, the risk factor of contracting HIV can be lowered by as much as 70%. This is an excellent example of how protecting the general population with preventive care methods and pre-emptive medication, especially at a low or free cost, can drastically reduce the spread of deadly diseases.

So How Does This Relate to You?

You might be wondering how this all relates to you, especially if you are not currently ill, and are not currently receiving the above-mentioned medications or similar treatments. The answer is simple: these examples serve to show that taking care of your own health is not only essential to your personal well-being, but that preventive measures can also protect your loved ones and others around you.

You can keep yourself healthy–and keep your health care costs low– by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes a nutritious diet, an appropriate amount of sleep, and regular exercise. It’s also worth your while to ask your doctor about natural supplements and vitamins which may also boost your health and help with keeping certain illnesses or medical conditions at bay.

Nutritional deficiency

You might not even realize that you are suffering from a vitamin or nutritional deficiency unless you have the appropriate tests from your doctor, and such deficiencies can prove to be quite dangerous, or in some cases even life-threatening. A simple exam or blood test from your doctor can pinpoint these problem areas, and save you a world of stress and hassle by catching the problem early and pointing you in the direction of a solution.

By keeping up with your regular doctor’s appointments, you have a greater chance of catching health problems and potential illnesses early, which can save you a lot of money on healthcare costs in the long run by avoiding emergency care or hospital stays for conditions that have been exacerbated by lack of timely treatment. If you are currently not feeling your best, suffering from aches and pains, or feeling under the weather, its best not to hesitate to get the care you need today to prevent some terrible effects on your wallet tomorrow.

Preventive care

It’s also important to remember that keeping up with preventive care may help the entire healthcare system as a whole. With less medical emergencies to tend to, less of a stressful burden is placed on doctors and medical facilities, which in turn keeps the cost of operations and care lower.

If you are looking for more tips and advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle and take advantage of preventive medicine, you might want to schedule an appointment with your doctor today. Never underestimate the power of prevention and the effects that it has on your health.

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