Donald Trump Jr. tests positive for Covid-19, but is asymptomatic

Donald Trump Jr. speaks to an audience wearing a poncho on fighters against a socialism campaign rally in support of his father, US President Donald Trump, during a rainstorm.

Paul Hennessy | Lighterket | Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. tested positive for coronovirus early in the week, his spokesman confirmed on Friday evening, the latest in a series of people from the White House who have contracted the virus.

The spokesman said Trump Jr. is asymptomatic and is following all the medically recommended Kovid-19 guidelines. She has been in quarantine in her cabin since receiving test results.

Bloomberg was the first to report.

Trump Jr., who serves as executive vice president in the Trump Organization, is the latest member of the family to contract the virus. In October, President Trump, first lady Melania, and Trump’s youngest son Barone all tested positive. The president was hospitalized for several days with the virus at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and given supplemental oxygen before being discharged.

Trump Jr.’s diagnosis was confirmed hours after Rudy Giuliani’s son Andrew tested positive for coronovirus on Friday. Andrew Juliani is a special assistant to President Trump. The President’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani has tested negative for Kovid-19. In addition, three more White House staffers have tested positive for Kovid in recent times.

Those associated with the Trump administration and the White House have been criticized by public health experts for holding large gatherings where the risk of transmission is particularly high, and failing to follow basic medical precautions such as wearing masks and social disturbances is.

In total, at least 45 people associated with the White House have contracted the virus in recent months. Several people tested positive after Justice Amy Connie Barrett attended the Rose Garden ceremony in the Supreme Court in September. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows tested positive after attending an election night gathering at the White House.

The US recorded 187,000 new cases of coronovirus on Thursday and 2,015 deaths, the highest since May, as the country experiences severe outbreaks during the holiday season.

More than 250,000 people have died of the virus in the US since the pandemic began and more than 11.8 million people have been infected.

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