Dropbox introduces Vault password manager to help boost your online security

Dropbox passwords

Dropbox’s new password manager aims to help you keep track of your online life.


Dropbox continues to expand beyond cloud storage, introducing a host of new features to make it more useful in other aspects of people’s lives.

In a blog post on Tuesday, the company detailed the new additions, starting with a LastPass and 1Password rivals which he rightly calls Dropbox Passwords. Now available in private beta for “certain Dropbox Plus users”, the password manager will have applications for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac to allow connection to your accounts, whatever the platform.

Dropbox Plus is the company’s premium storage option for consumers, offering 2TB of online storage for $ 120 a year or $ 11.99 a month.

Boasting that it has “zero knowledge encryption”, the company says that with its system “your passwords are protected and accessible only by you”.

In addition to the new password manager, the company says it is also deploying a Vault function to store sensitive documents such as insurance cards or passports. Protected by a PIN code, the safe can also allow you to designate friends or family for emergency access. Like the password manager, the vault is currently in private beta for a “selected” group of corporate Plus users.

Beyond security, Dropbox announced a few other new features, including a new generalized beta version for automatic backup of files on Mac or PC. There is also a new Dropbox Family plan that offers 2 TB of cloud storage that can be shared with up to six people. No price has been given for the Family plan, which is currently in beta for “selected” users before deploying “more widely throughout the year”.

New features come as Dropbox faces increased competition from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Apple iCloud, who can better integrate their services directly into the platforms they own.

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