Effective Tips for Handling Anxiety and stress

Effective Tips for Handling Anxiety and stress

Many people suffer from stress that goes beyond a few bad thoughts.  For some, worrying about pressing issues creates a physical reaction. Which leaves them feeling overwhelmed sometimes to the point of hyperventilating and having what is known as a panic attack. These can be brought on for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps you have to conduct a conference call at work or have a negative confrontation with a friend. The causes of anxiety can vary from person to person.

Handling Anxiety

Some people have such strong anxiety that they struggle with that even when faced with no pressing issues they will begin to start to create issues.  This constant creation of things to stress about becomes like an addiction and you start to become accustomed to living in a constant state of being uneasy.

Don’t Be Afraid To Admit You Have Anxiety

The first step to taking control of your anxiety is to be willing to admit that you feel anxious. You would be surprised to find that anxiety is quite common particularly as we find ourselves in the hustle and bustle of modern life which the basic human psyche was not equipped for.

By being honest with your friends and family about the anxiety that you experience you can work through it with the help of their support.  As with any condition, the absence of support makes it that much more difficult to deal with.  Your anxiety should not be something that you hide from or conceal from those around you.  If you treat it as if it something to be ashamed of then you won’t make any progress or receive the support that you require.

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Distract Yourself

When you start to feel anxiety taking over your mind and your body the worst thing that you can do to yourself is start thinking a way to rationalise your way through it.  When panic sets in your mind is your worst enemy.  You have to get to a calm state first, then you can go back to a logical mindset.

The way to calm your mind is to distract yourself from whatever is giving you an unpleasant reaction.  Leave the room if you have to.  Turn on the TV and start watching something funny.  Call a friend and ask them to tell you a joke.  By removing yourself from the stress, you can get your mind back to a calm state.

Spend Time On Physical Activity Daily To Keep Your Body As Active And Fresh

Engage In Physical Activity

Many people will tell you that without physical activity in their lives they would be much less calm people.  By engaging our bodies in activities which release endorphins and get our blood pumping we feel energized and fresh.

Expel your energy with engaging in an activity like dance, or running and you will start to see your anxiety diminish.

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