Elise Andrew Highlights Science On Her Blog

Elise Andrew Really Does Love Science…and She’s Shaking Up the Online World

As one of the top online personalities today, Elise Andrew brings people the world of science in a fun way. She focuses heavily on promoting some of the more interesting and amusing points about science and how it makes a real impact in our lives.

Elise Andrew

The world of science has been rather interesting and fascinating. There are many discoveries coming about and numerous developments relating to important points people often look into. Elise Andrew has become one of the top figures in the science world for her strong interest in the subject and her offbeat look into the world. The work she puts in is vital to helping people understand how science works and what makes it entertaining and distinct.

Andrew is the founder of I #($!ing Love Science, a Facebook page that has evolved into being a full blog. The site has more than 24 million followers thanks to its distinct look into science. In particular, Andrew focuses more on the lighter side of the subject and some of the fascinating things that make it stand out. To Andrew, even the smallest bits of information surrounding science are among the most intriguing.

Elise Andrew Highlights Science On Her Blog


Elise Andrew is a native of Suffolk who holds a degree in biology from the University of Sheffield. She focuses particularly on animal science and on the study of evolution.

She has written numerous stories for the Scientist, a prominent magazine that aims to highlight scientific discoveries to the public. Much of her work has also been featured in Cosmopolitan. Her work is especially popular for being a little more light-hearted than what people typically see in most other science reports. She focuses more on the interesting and intricate points of science that many people often forget about.

Creating Her Site

In 2012, she decided to establish a website that would highlight interesting scientific facts and figures. She enjoyed discovering all sorts of interesting things about science and wanted to share the information she found with others. This led to the creation of the I #($!ing Love Science, or IFLS, Facebook page.

The site was produced as a page that offers information on fun things relating to science and what makes it stand out. IFLS particularly includes lively discussions and analysis of many distinct points relating to science:

  • An analysis of artificial intelligence and how it is making a difference in society is highlighted on IFLS. Much of it focuses on the interesting ways how they influence science. Some stories focus more on the amusing things about AI and how it is not always perfect.
  • Explorations of various new species or creatures that are discovered are included. Many of these include some distinct and fascinating entities that are unlike anything else people have seen before.
  • Points on new weather developments are often included around the site. These include stories relating to how storms develop, rising sea levels and other topics that are of strong value to people who are interested in science.
  • Stories about spacecraft making regular discoveries are often highlighted here. These include points on many interesting bodies found in space and what makes them distinct.

Elise Andrew

A Focus on Discovery

The main point that Elise Andrew wants to focus on with regards to her site entails looking into how many great scientific discoveries can come about over time. She knows that the world of science is vast and fascinating. More importantly, she feels that people should have the ability to explore. Her desire is to make it more interesting so people will have an increased likelihood of seeing many points of value.

Elise Andrew has been bringing the world of science to the public for years. The work she puts in shows the strong vested interest that she has in highlighting the world of science. It is fascinating to see the many points that people could look forward to when it comes to science.

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